Saturday, January 2, 2010

Mika's birthday celebration

"I'm 1 yr old!"
And a happy birthday to your baby! Can you believe a whole year has gone by since you gave birth? A lot has happened, in his life and yours. If only you had a pound for every dirty nappy, every blackcurrant-juice-stained shirt, and every precious baby smile, you'd be able to buy yourself the great big bunch of flowers that every parent deserves! Your little one is probably toddling around now, or on the verge of that crucial physical milestone. The next step is independent walking, talking, and curious toddlerhood. You'll love seeing his growing sociability and vocabulary — but prepare yourself, those first temper tantrums go hand-in-hand with his budding independence.
A good one from BabyCenter :)
I was supposed to post this entry days ago but sangat busy. Anyways, as mentioned in this entry, Mika turned 1 last 20th Dec. Since there was a BBQ session at PIL's, we decided to have the cake cutting ceremony there. Plus everyone was there, senang. Just a simple one will do. No fancy birthday cake pon, bought one from Secret Recipe sebab I yang lebih2 nak. Enjoy the photos!

******* the photos below were taken by my SIL's husband *******

Happy 1 yr old Ahmad Mikhail Haris!

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