Monday, January 25, 2010

family time

Good Monday everyone! Good ke? So far, I'm so sleepy..nothing much to update for the weekend. I overnight kat Subang from Thursday till Sunday. Which is good sebab ramai helper nak tolong jaga Mika. Plus don't have to worry about food :D Reason I overnight kat sana sebab my mom insist nak jaga Mika. Dia tak bagi letak kat bbsitter. This week pon dia nak jaga on Thursday and Friday. Okay la since hubby is working PM shift Wed & Thurs. If ada maid kan senang, I don't mind to drop Mika and the maid everyday there. Plus when hubby is off, he can always drop them. Hubby, bila nak amik maid ni?

Saturday, I spent the whole day with my boy. He received full attention from me. Nasib my brother was around to help me layan Mika when I need to do something else. My mom was at the hospital from morning till evening, temankan mak dia. Hubby was around but dia kan PM shift this weekend, so kira siang macam dia takde la sebab tido. Malam tuh masa I nak put Mika to sleep my cousin call. Dia ajak dinner. So I terus siap and tinggalkan Mika with my parents. We went to Kenny Rogers, Parade and we really had a great time there. Dah lama tak keluar single² macam ni. The Azizs and Sharils sungguh bising dengan ketawa semua. Then kawan my sis was the waiter for the night. Kawan dia comel comel la..huhuh :P Terjumpa my sis in law and some other familiar faces there. After dinner, my bro and sis teman I balik PH japs sebab I need to collect some stuffs

 the Azizs
 the Sharils
Dayah another cousin of ours pon joined us

Sunday did nothing..pagi tuh I pergi Guardian japs with my sis and for the rest of the day, I duduk rumah jer. Kejar Mika, main dengan dia..kira macam no rest day for me but I suka jer. My cousin Nana, my bro and dad were at home which was good sebab takde la saya kebosanan. Hubby woke up early pulak that we had lunch and pergi round² kejap around the hood. Basically nothing much la for the weekend. Plus I need a break kan after the long week at the hospital.

Pagi tadi before I drop Mika at the babysitter, sempat la I drop by kat rumah. Jumpa hubby. Okay peeps, that's all for now. I'm currently listening to Paolo Nutini. Lagu dia best! No wonder la my sis suka sangat orang ni. Hari tuh ada dengar kat dalam kereta my dad, tapi I never thought he listens to Paolo Nutini too. Later yea?

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