Friday, January 22, 2010

Day 1 at CA

Sunday morning, we went to Subang for breakfast. Initial plan nak bid farewell to my grandma yang nak balik rumah dia tapi another incident happen pulak. She felt down masa nak turun tangga, 2 steps dia miss and her left eye macam kena tumbuk..rasa dia terjatuh on her left side of her body. Sabtu tuh jugak my parents brought her to SJMC now SDMC but doc said nothing serious and no need to be warded. Hari Sabtu memang hari ER kot..huhuh..then my mom tak jadi la hantar my grandma balik.

Masa kat Subang Mika macam very weak. Temperature naik balik and that's it..instead of going straight to the ER we tried last option which was to see this Paed at one of the children's clinic at Pst Bdr Puchong. Then from there kalau kena admit, we thought of consulting my Uncle Jalil and see whether Mika can be warded at Ampang Puteri as it would be a lot easier with Uncle Jalil's help kan..dah sampai clinic check temperature and it was as high as 39.7C. Dr Ting, the Paed asked us to decide if Mika to be warded or to bring him back and amik medicine macam biasa I terus cakap kat doc, "Admit him please. So you can do the blood test etc." plus kalau kat hospital senang anything happen. I pon dah penat ulang alik clinic-hosp. On second thought, Columbia Asia ok gaks, dekat. So Mika kena masukkan drip and off we went to the hospital. Masa Mika kena masukkan drip and amik blood, doc asked us to wait outside..he was screaming and meronta², I wish I could be inside teman dia but without the parents presence maybe lagi senang kot..parents sure emo punya..hubby and me tak cakap apa masa dengar Mika nangis tuh..I almost cry lar but I know it's for the I duduk diam jer

Sampai hosp, register and all and one thing I like about CA sebab tak crowded. Within half an hour or so dah dapat bilik. Bilik single is fully occupied and due to some procedures to follow, we were given the Isolation room. Nama jer isolate but we still can have visitors. Then swab test pon Mika kena buat, just in case kan..Time admitted tuh around 12. Lepak bilik and waited for my dad and sis to come. They brought lunch and some of Mika's stuffs and also barang² yang perlu masa duduk hospital. Then after doc datang check, my parents came by again and tunggu Mika while me and hubby balik PH amik barang..yer la, kata nak berkampung kan..banyak la kena pack. Siap singgah Giant beli foldable mattress for us to overnight.

Then around 5, PIL came. They were on their way to go back to Penang. Dapat lar visit cucu diaorang. We were supposed to go to Bkt Mahkota on Saturday tuh to meet up with hubby's family tapi nak wat camne kan..jadi lain pulak.

Bila dah admit, part of me rasa relief sebab I know we are in good hands. We made ourselves as comfortable as we could and memang buat macam rumah sendiri kat bilik tuh. Just that isolation room takde window..macam terkurung sikit lar

Drip tak dapat masukkan tangan dia sebab doc cakap banyak isi
tuh sebab plaster kena masukkan kat right foot

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