Saturday, January 9, 2010

birthday party at babysitter's

Last Thursday bbsitter & family buat small birthday celebration for Mika. Belated sebab previous weeks after his birthday kan banyak public holiday and most of the kids were not around. Then supposed buat on Tuesday but Mika was unwell pulak. Thursday tuh pon I suruh bbsitter buat awal2 coz daddy Mika nak fetch him early so that he can rest well at home.

I pass my camera sebab bila pulak nak copy from her camera kan. Senang. Thanks Kak Ayu & family for organising this and for the photos. Nanti when Mika is a bit older, I'll show him this entry. Ada la memory celebrate birthday dengan kawan2 dia. Mana la tau after this dah tak send kat sini dah..ehem ehem..

 potong kek session
 bought this cake at Cake Sense, ss15, subang
price rm39 for half kg. i think standard kot. i suka sebab cake kat sini cantik2
 dapat present pon muka masam ke sayang?
 pakai hat
 that's better. with his 'bestfriend' umar
birthday boy with his friends
ni kat rumah dah. opening his presents

Mika is getting better, Alhamdulillah. The cough is still there tapi not as bad as first time. Speedy recovery Mikhail. Tomorrow ada birthday celebration my Tok Nyang (moyang). He's going to be 100th this year. Harap2 Mika feeling a lot better sebab I nak pergi. Btw, my Tok Nyang is featured in today's Utusan. My grand aunts together with my grandma and mom brought him to Aquaria and the staffs there dived in and held a banner wishing him a happy birthday.

That's all for now. Have a good Saturday night people!

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