Sunday, December 27, 2009

time to relax

I should be grateful for all these public holidays that fall on Friday..actually I am, but it would be more fun and great if hubby is around. Takpe, u cannot have everything kan? Plus, I have my family with me..last Friday I lepak rumah je layan Mika main and REALLY spend time with him. Hubby was around tapi dia kan PM shift this weekend so he got to catch his sleep. Memang penat melayan Mika ni, tapi it was not that bad. My mum, sis and cousins dropped by before they went to our relative's house so ada lah orang teman for 1 hr plus. Then tunggu hubby bangun and we got ready to go to Subang. Hubby dropped us there and after makan2, which btw my mom masak my fav dish Ayam Masak Kicap, semua orang pon suka lauk ni..huhuh..hubby then left for work. I love being at mom's coz I feel so relax and takde la penat sangat nak take care of Mika.

Saturday, ada event to attend. Bella's aqiqah, buat kat rumah parents Erin. Faz picked me up and we arrived there around noon. Had a nice time with the gurls although tak cukup corum..Ereen could not make it coz she and her baby were unwell and Eisha was busy. The food sedap and lepak2 for an hour plus, we said our goodbyes and Faz dropped by my house to see Mika. We had a long chat about this and that and sangat best dapat cakap with someone who really understands you. The most important thing is, someone who listens and acknowledges and also gives feedback. Now that's what we called a conversation. Faz, I'm here if you need me okay? Will be in Subang on alternate weekends, InsyaAllah.

By the time Faz left it was almost 3.30pm and hujan sangat lebat. I did nothing, online sikit2 and layan Mika sambil tunggu hubby datang. He dropped by again before pergi kerja. Malam my relatives from my dad's side came and helped my mom with the dinner etc.


asha said...

hai eeja...

Really hope dat we could meet up..
lame tak jmp u, erin n all :)

raF|za said...

hi asha. we should :) nanti we fix a date yeah? our kids can be playmates