Thursday, December 17, 2009

putra heights-subang-cyberjaya

Penat nyer...buat detour hari ni. Sebab kena hantar Mika to my mom's. Bbsitter mintak cuti. Sebab anak, sanggup bangun 5.45AM, siap² and hantar dia..guess that what mother does kan..tak kenal erti penat. Kalau daddy mesti bising² dah. Well, dad takkan understand their children like mom does. That's a fact :)

Did I tell you that the bbsitter is getting engaged this Saturday? Alhamdulillah, dah jodoh kan. Plus she's a single mom, kesian anak dia membesar without a dad. Tapi on top of it, she will still continue to babysit and might expand her business next year after dia kahwin. Takpe lar, time tuh Mika pon dah besar or maybe I pon dah ada maid. Yes, we are planning to amik maid for long term purpose. Just that, belum discuss habis ngan hubby lagi sebab awal² mesti tak boleh tinggalkan Mika alone with the maid. Kena mintak tolong my mom or MIL train, and kalau my mom train, takkan I nak kena pusing Subang hari² to send the maid and Mika kan..need to think about that. Ada I buat macam my bestie buat nanti. She sends her son and maid to her mom's on weekdays, weekend dia amik. See how...Whatever it is, nasib rumah dekat², if I duduk jauh kan susah. Kalau I letak Mika at my mom's dah malam I balik lar rumah. Tapiii..boleh ke separate dengan dia?? I sampai office awal today around 7.40am and will be leaving an hour earlier kot coz my mom and cousin will be going back to their hometown this evening. Esok Friday..cuttii! For now no plan yet. Just that Saturday ada family gathering on hubby's side. Mika's birthday falls on Sunday tapi sangat sedih sebab my family members are unavailable. So takde la buat makan², will celebrate with them another time. Tapi Mika dah dapat advance okay lar :P

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