Thursday, December 17, 2009

perlu ke title? sometimes dah run out of idea what to put here

Semalam my office ada General Assembly and during the GA, ada activity Christmas Carol and ada pulak orang main guitar. Back then in 2003, at my old office pon ada this Christmas Carol and exchange gift thingy. Masa tuh I was 22, so sangat rajin bersosial and participate with all sort of activities. Plus my old office macam best sebab ramai orang and the people were nice..the best part was me and some of my friends macam the youngest so banyak la orang yang we can look up to and mereka sangat concern & baik hati...not to say the current one tak best tapi environment very different. Tapi kalau sekarang I kerja situ lagi, maybe different story kot. Selalu je ada outing eg bowling, main pool, supper macam-macam lar. Guess we only have each other sebab kerja kan shift..3pm - nak hang out with other people pon weekend jer la..weekdays memang spend time with them. Part of me memang grateful dapat that kind of experience plus I was a fresh grad and sangat muda..hehe..time tuh la nak explore macam2. So bile they all dok nyanyi2's all coming back to me..huhuh..haih..let it be..ada la sad news behind the GA but what to do, life must go on. Kalau I pandai dulu then amik engineering and kerja ngan my dad kan senang! Tak perlu susah2 fikir pasal future.

Mika dah sleep 7.30 tadi, now tunggu hubby balik with food. Maybe tengok movie kot later..Entry sangat bosan sebab memory card tak read after hubby installed Vista and I'm so lazy to find the camera's cable..ada la new pics to share..later peeps :)

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