Tuesday, December 1, 2009

now & then

I was bored to death @office and since sangat bosan, I browse thru my fotopages and I found these photos. I believe these were taken in 2005 at Faz's old apartment at Nilai. She invited us over for makan² and coincidentally all of us were in pink or at least in the same shade of color and we were all wearing skirts! Memang tak plan..

Tengok la us back then, all were still single (tak kahwin lagi tapi attached) & 24 (do the maths)! I heart you girlfriends. Erin could not make it that day and actually if we all jumpa je mesti kebetulan pakai color lebih kurang..tak caya..tengok la pics below..owh gurls, I so miss the old days lar..

I actually have the first 3 photos in draft then decide nak tambah lagi so jadi la satu entry..okay lar..berlalu lar jugak 1 jam..another 1.5hr to go..

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