Tuesday, December 1, 2009

new moon

Okay I've watched New Moon..supposed to watch 2012 and was hoping that I could purchase the 8pm show as I went to buy it early in the morning (unable to purchase it online) but I was wrong! Saturday night I guess, the only seats available were those three rows in front. No way I'm going to watch with a stiff neck after that. Since I was the one buying (hubby was on PM shift the night before so I volunteered to get the tickets first rather than just go and buy it last minute), I definitely have the right to choose any movie I wanted to watch and New Moon was it.

The movie..well everybody is talking about it. What so special about it huh? Honestly, just plain OK for me. The only thing I like is Jacob's character. I like the way he protects Bella and the way he treats Bella. He's the real man. I felt sorry for Jacob when Bella left him to be with her "It's-always-been-him-vamp" after giving him hope that they might have a future together. Bella oh Bella, I so don't like her. Guess that part reminds me of something and I totally felt it. Ooops, too much info. Sorry for those who plan to watch and reading this..just my 2 cents.

We left Mika at Subang and spent the night at PH. Movie + dinner completed my Saturday night and I actually went to sleep with that Jacob character stucked in my mind.

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