Friday, December 11, 2009

WK annual dinner

Lambat nye update, tengok my friend Ros update terus macam teringat nak update. Here goes..last Saturday my company held an annual dinner at Cyberview Lodge and the theme for this year was Madhatters. I did not want to wear any hat so I opted for the headband with the big ribbon on my head. Ok lar, janji masuk theme. Luckily that day fall on hubby's off day so he could look after Mika as my family was not around to do so.

I actually dah ada baju lain, but tunjuk kat hubby dia macam tak berapa suka that baju. Haih, dah la I memang takde baju lain so on that Saturday morning itself, I drag hubby pergi Pyramid together with Mika and after pusing2 and keluar masuk the same shop for 3 times, I settled with one below. Hubby pilihkan..minus the head gear of course. Surprisingly lil Mika tidak buat hal langsung..duduk je diam2 dalam stroller for that 3 hours..I felt guilty jugak but what to do, no choice.

Side track kejap, for that Friday night aka movie night, we watched 500 Days of Summer. Ye, saya sangat ketinggalan.


Adekniza said...

fiza lawaaa...i lak gemokk...huhuhu

raF|za said...

eh u preggie lar..ada alasan okay :P