Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Gardens Outing

Backdated entry..supposed to post this earlier this week tapi sangat busy plus pic tak transfer lagi. Last Friday was a public holiday again and konon nak bawak Mika pergi zoo, bird park etc..but as usual last minute plan, me don't like.Another thing is, entrance fee nak masuk to all these places puluh2 ringgit okay..why la mahal sangat. Tak faham betul. Hubby said I'm not adventurous enough, tell me how to be one when you got a baby-toddler on tow? Ad-hoc plan sangat lar impossible sebab kena prepare all his stuffs before pergi eg his lunch, milk, baju spare etc. So we headed to The Gardens instead, sebab air-cond and tak crowded (mommy dia yang lebih2, sebenarnya :P) Lagi pon nak cari walking shoes for Mika. Owh, did I say he can walk already?? Alhamdulillah, 1 week before he turned 1..dah dapat kaki. The same time he could stand up by himself then terus jalan. Mula2 tuh memang nampak dia takut2 but he's one brave boy, pakai jalan jer and one time tuh jalan sambil tutup muka dengan this is what we call adventurous.

After Mika had his lunch, dia buat "bisnes" yang agak messy, haih, habis kotor his pants. Time tuh we were having our lunch and kat dalam baby room tuh boleh pulak Mika buat drama. Dia tak nak baring to get his pampers changed, I baringkan dia, dia nangis, nangis bersungguh2 okay. I like The Garden's punya baby room sebab sangat privacy but dengan Mika nangis kuat camtu, dah la pintu tertutup kan..mesti orang ingat ada budak kena dera ke apa. Must .remember to bring pull up pants during outing. So in the photo above, dia dah pakai baju lain and also he got the shoes. Mission accomplished jugak la besides the drama and all.

We bumped into our ex-Uni mates and they are also expecting :) More babies to come in 2010..cute cute cute. Sebab makan tak kenyang sangat, we decided to go to drive thru Subang on the way back. Masa kat situ, I macam ada feeling my sister would be there too and tengok2 dia memang ada okayyyy. She was queuing up behind us..sixth sense ke?? hahah..

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