Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Somehow this song makes me feel calm..though the lyrics is a bit off but this band is a legend. They are like Muse back then in the 90s. I've played this repeatedly and amazingly I'm not that upset anymore. Why must some people act like they are super duper great when the truth is they are not?? It tickles me so much that every time it happens, I will definitely laugh my head off..silently of course BUT with a big smirk on my face. I just do not want to lower my standard to theirs. If I were to say a word, they will know that we are like "langit and bumi". So what did I do? I believe that silence is golden which is so true :) Like a good friend of mine said "Don't waste your time with all this nonsense. You know who you are"

I found this song in YouTube where the vid clip has Johnny Depp in it. I think it was a clip from a movie "Happily Ever Afer".

So here I present to you Radiohead - Creep.

p/s: Don't you think that Johnny Depp is so ooh-la-la in this clip? I don't like him in Pirates of Carribean.

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