Sunday, December 20, 2009

1 year old!!

Happy 1 yr old Mikhail Haris!!! We celebrated it earlier yesterday at PIL's house and maybe will bring Mika out in the evening. Plan to celebrate it again next weekend at my mom's. More photos in the next entry. Just want to enjoy today with my lil boy whose status now has been upgraded to toddler. Happy and sad, mix feelings..whatever it is, Alhamdulillah..owh, you can also check out this for the chronological of Mika ;)

Happy 1 year old Ahmad Mikhail Haris..
mommy & daddy love always :)


Naz said...

he is already one year old? cepattt nyer.. happy birthday MIKA, stay cute kiddo!!!

raF|za said...

hi naz. thanks! ;) yes, 1 yr old dah. cepat sangat! heheh..take care ya

Marsita said...

happy birthday mika!
be a good boy and make ur parents proud of u k ;)
luv luv

raF|za said...

thanks aunty masshy!