Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye 2009..welcome 2010!

Goodbye 2009, it has been another great year filled with ups
and not to forget downs
but never once I give up as I always have my family
and friends to support me...all the way.

Thank you everyone for that.
I take this opportunity to apologise if I ever hurt your feelings
be it direct or indirectly,
I'm truly am sorry :(
Will try to be a better Muslim, wife, daughter, sister and friend
and Mika dear, do forgive Mommy for losing her temper sometimes
and being all clueless with baby's stuffs
Sorry dear, first time..
Mommy will try to be better okay? love you

So everyone..
Let's try and drop the bad habits and keep only the good ones ya?

May this coming year brings more happiness, love and success
with new resolutions, hopes and dreams.
Let's start fresh and be safe okay?
May God bless us always.

Happy 2010 everyone!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Somehow this song makes me feel calm..though the lyrics is a bit off but this band is a legend. They are like Muse back then in the 90s. I've played this repeatedly and amazingly I'm not that upset anymore. Why must some people act like they are super duper great when the truth is they are not?? It tickles me so much that every time it happens, I will definitely laugh my head off..silently of course BUT with a big smirk on my face. I just do not want to lower my standard to theirs. If I were to say a word, they will know that we are like "langit and bumi". So what did I do? I believe that silence is golden which is so true :) Like a good friend of mine said "Don't waste your time with all this nonsense. You know who you are"

I found this song in YouTube where the vid clip has Johnny Depp in it. I think it was a clip from a movie "Happily Ever Afer".

So here I present to you Radiohead - Creep.

p/s: Don't you think that Johnny Depp is so ooh-la-la in this clip? I don't like him in Pirates of Carribean.

Sunday morning at Uncle J's

Last Sunday we went to Uncle Jalil's house which is located at Zooview Park..memang ada kena mengena dengan Zoo Negara sebab belakang taman ni jer zoo. I was reluctant to go at first but masa my dad's relatives came over that day, Mika was sleeping so they did not get the chance to see him live. Actually my mom dah order some food for breakfast + lunch for that day as she thought my dad's siblings will spend a night at Subang, turned out they did not as the kids wanted to go makanan adalah banyak dan berlebihan. Nak tak nak kena la deliver..if not siapa nak makan mom ordered for 40 orang! My dad cakap..crazyyy..huhuh..tapi takpe, we had that for the whole day. Makan ulang² dari pagi sampai malam. Ada nasi lemak, meehoon goreng, sambal sotong, rendang ayam and karipap.

Okay, enough babbling. Now let's see the photos.

I love the carpet, besar dan gebu.
Owh saya juga suka budak kecik atas carpet tuh..

Checking out the pool, Mika geram je tengok air 
Aunty Zira ke Mika yang excited lebih ni..

Otw balik detour kejap to my dad's office. Dekat je rupanya, office dia dekat² Wardieburn camp tuh. When it comes to this area, I'm a bit blur. Wangsa Maju, Setapak, Melawati..boleh sesat kalau sampai sini. Tapi I suka je this area..owh dulu masa kecik² sampai 6 tahun, I duduk dekat Keramat..AU2 tak silap. So outing selalu je pergi zoo & Genting Highlands & waterfalls. Tak turun pon kat office my dad, sebab he was rushing for his golf tournament at 2pm. Headed straight home.

Then I mintak tolong my sis to drop me at PH sebab I need to pack Mika's stuffs and also nak kemas sikit rumah. Balik tengok hubby tengah tido dengan nyenyak sekali..kalau I tak rushing, nak je I join. Said goodbye to hubby and drove back to Subang.This time my cousins and my aunty from my mom's side ada kat best lar, ada je company and ada orang tolong makankan ordered food tuh :)

I'm glad my weekend turned out well despite the fact that hubby had to work. My mom's house is actually under renovation and thank God the contractors were off from Fri-Sun. If not, sure akan menjadi weekend yang bosan. Lagi 2 hari to 2010, so baik I macam rajin² sikit :P Later!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

time to relax

I should be grateful for all these public holidays that fall on Friday..actually I am, but it would be more fun and great if hubby is around. Takpe, u cannot have everything kan? Plus, I have my family with me..last Friday I lepak rumah je layan Mika main and REALLY spend time with him. Hubby was around tapi dia kan PM shift this weekend so he got to catch his sleep. Memang penat melayan Mika ni, tapi it was not that bad. My mum, sis and cousins dropped by before they went to our relative's house so ada lah orang teman for 1 hr plus. Then tunggu hubby bangun and we got ready to go to Subang. Hubby dropped us there and after makan2, which btw my mom masak my fav dish Ayam Masak Kicap, semua orang pon suka lauk ni..huhuh..hubby then left for work. I love being at mom's coz I feel so relax and takde la penat sangat nak take care of Mika.

Saturday, ada event to attend. Bella's aqiqah, buat kat rumah parents Erin. Faz picked me up and we arrived there around noon. Had a nice time with the gurls although tak cukup corum..Ereen could not make it coz she and her baby were unwell and Eisha was busy. The food sedap and lepak2 for an hour plus, we said our goodbyes and Faz dropped by my house to see Mika. We had a long chat about this and that and sangat best dapat cakap with someone who really understands you. The most important thing is, someone who listens and acknowledges and also gives feedback. Now that's what we called a conversation. Faz, I'm here if you need me okay? Will be in Subang on alternate weekends, InsyaAllah.

By the time Faz left it was almost 3.30pm and hujan sangat lebat. I did nothing, online sikit2 and layan Mika sambil tunggu hubby datang. He dropped by again before pergi kerja. Malam my relatives from my dad's side came and helped my mom with the dinner etc.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Gardens Outing

Backdated entry..supposed to post this earlier this week tapi sangat busy plus pic tak transfer lagi. Last Friday was a public holiday again and konon nak bawak Mika pergi zoo, bird park etc..but as usual last minute plan, me don't like.Another thing is, entrance fee nak masuk to all these places puluh2 ringgit okay..why la mahal sangat. Tak faham betul. Hubby said I'm not adventurous enough, tell me how to be one when you got a baby-toddler on tow? Ad-hoc plan sangat lar impossible sebab kena prepare all his stuffs before pergi eg his lunch, milk, baju spare etc. So we headed to The Gardens instead, sebab air-cond and tak crowded (mommy dia yang lebih2, sebenarnya :P) Lagi pon nak cari walking shoes for Mika. Owh, did I say he can walk already?? Alhamdulillah, 1 week before he turned 1..dah dapat kaki. The same time he could stand up by himself then terus jalan. Mula2 tuh memang nampak dia takut2 but he's one brave boy, pakai jalan jer and one time tuh jalan sambil tutup muka dengan this is what we call adventurous.

After Mika had his lunch, dia buat "bisnes" yang agak messy, haih, habis kotor his pants. Time tuh we were having our lunch and kat dalam baby room tuh boleh pulak Mika buat drama. Dia tak nak baring to get his pampers changed, I baringkan dia, dia nangis, nangis bersungguh2 okay. I like The Garden's punya baby room sebab sangat privacy but dengan Mika nangis kuat camtu, dah la pintu tertutup kan..mesti orang ingat ada budak kena dera ke apa. Must .remember to bring pull up pants during outing. So in the photo above, dia dah pakai baju lain and also he got the shoes. Mission accomplished jugak la besides the drama and all.

We bumped into our ex-Uni mates and they are also expecting :) More babies to come in 2010..cute cute cute. Sebab makan tak kenyang sangat, we decided to go to drive thru Subang on the way back. Masa kat situ, I macam ada feeling my sister would be there too and tengok2 dia memang ada okayyyy. She was queuing up behind us..sixth sense ke?? hahah..

Thursday, December 24, 2009

hello hello

Before I start on anything today, I just want to say that kereta saya sudah tidak bergegar² lagi. Haha..bile masa pulak eh dia gegar²? It actually happened the worst on Monday. But I played it cool and still drove to the office walaupon rasa sungguh tak best sampai driver's window pon gegar²..horror tak? Dulu pernah jadi macam ni, and sekali terus flat tayar okay..on the road laks tuh..see here. So I just hoped for the best la and Alhamdulillah, selamat pergi dan selamat pulang. Luckily I am carpooling, so Tues & Wed my friend drove and yesterday hubby telah settlekan kereta and had to change the 2 rear tyres. Bunga tayar dah takde, siap boleh nampak benang putih lagi..eee..dah botak la tayar², sungguh bahaya! Then the rims kena ketuk sebab bengkok tuh yang gegar² tuh. Buat alignment semua and the cost of everything..well..let's just say it's more than rm500 :(:( I dah prepare so takde la hubby kan ada..huhuh..thanks hubby for your time, effort and also for your money..muah! I still owe you Mika's birthday celebration photos at PIL. I need the photoshop installed in my laptop..all gone after Vista took over. Later peeps!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

1 year old!!

Happy 1 yr old Mikhail Haris!!! We celebrated it earlier yesterday at PIL's house and maybe will bring Mika out in the evening. Plan to celebrate it again next weekend at my mom's. More photos in the next entry. Just want to enjoy today with my lil boy whose status now has been upgraded to toddler. Happy and sad, mix feelings..whatever it is, Alhamdulillah..owh, you can also check out this for the chronological of Mika ;)

Happy 1 year old Ahmad Mikhail Haris..
mommy & daddy love always :)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

perlu ke title? sometimes dah run out of idea what to put here

Semalam my office ada General Assembly and during the GA, ada activity Christmas Carol and ada pulak orang main guitar. Back then in 2003, at my old office pon ada this Christmas Carol and exchange gift thingy. Masa tuh I was 22, so sangat rajin bersosial and participate with all sort of activities. Plus my old office macam best sebab ramai orang and the people were nice..the best part was me and some of my friends macam the youngest so banyak la orang yang we can look up to and mereka sangat concern & baik hati...not to say the current one tak best tapi environment very different. Tapi kalau sekarang I kerja situ lagi, maybe different story kot. Selalu je ada outing eg bowling, main pool, supper macam-macam lar. Guess we only have each other sebab kerja kan shift..3pm - nak hang out with other people pon weekend jer la..weekdays memang spend time with them. Part of me memang grateful dapat that kind of experience plus I was a fresh grad and sangat muda..hehe..time tuh la nak explore macam2. So bile they all dok nyanyi2's all coming back to me..huhuh..haih..let it be..ada la sad news behind the GA but what to do, life must go on. Kalau I pandai dulu then amik engineering and kerja ngan my dad kan senang! Tak perlu susah2 fikir pasal future.

Mika dah sleep 7.30 tadi, now tunggu hubby balik with food. Maybe tengok movie kot later..Entry sangat bosan sebab memory card tak read after hubby installed Vista and I'm so lazy to find the camera's cable..ada la new pics to share..later peeps :)

putra heights-subang-cyberjaya

Penat nyer...buat detour hari ni. Sebab kena hantar Mika to my mom's. Bbsitter mintak cuti. Sebab anak, sanggup bangun 5.45AM, siap² and hantar dia..guess that what mother does kan..tak kenal erti penat. Kalau daddy mesti bising² dah. Well, dad takkan understand their children like mom does. That's a fact :)

Did I tell you that the bbsitter is getting engaged this Saturday? Alhamdulillah, dah jodoh kan. Plus she's a single mom, kesian anak dia membesar without a dad. Tapi on top of it, she will still continue to babysit and might expand her business next year after dia kahwin. Takpe lar, time tuh Mika pon dah besar or maybe I pon dah ada maid. Yes, we are planning to amik maid for long term purpose. Just that, belum discuss habis ngan hubby lagi sebab awal² mesti tak boleh tinggalkan Mika alone with the maid. Kena mintak tolong my mom or MIL train, and kalau my mom train, takkan I nak kena pusing Subang hari² to send the maid and Mika kan..need to think about that. Ada I buat macam my bestie buat nanti. She sends her son and maid to her mom's on weekdays, weekend dia amik. See how...Whatever it is, nasib rumah dekat², if I duduk jauh kan susah. Kalau I letak Mika at my mom's dah malam I balik lar rumah. Tapiii..boleh ke separate dengan dia?? I sampai office awal today around 7.40am and will be leaving an hour earlier kot coz my mom and cousin will be going back to their hometown this evening. Esok Friday..cuttii! For now no plan yet. Just that Saturday ada family gathering on hubby's side. Mika's birthday falls on Sunday tapi sangat sedih sebab my family members are unavailable. So takde la buat makan², will celebrate with them another time. Tapi Mika dah dapat advance okay lar :P

Monday, December 14, 2009

happy birthday to supermom

Last Saturday was my mom's birthday. Happy birthday Umi! May Allah bless you always. I know that for now you have been blessed with such a wonderful family (yeah, Tok Mak is included T.T), a husband yang serious tapi with a gentle heart and sponsor terbaik ;), daughters bermacam ragam terutama yang kecik sekali tuh :P, son yang sungguh secretive, moody kekadang tapi rajin tolong orang, menantu yang sporting and selamba..huhuh and not to forget the latest addition in the family..cucu kesayangan satu-satunya pada waktu ini yang amat manja kat Tok Bah and Tok Mi nya (cepat la kahwin Ajoi and sebab cousins sangat rapat macam adik beradik, Ellie-dut sila la cepat kahwin and dapat baby supaya Mika tak naik lemak..hehehe)

Seperti celebration² sebelum ini, dining out with family is a MUST. tempat normally birthday person tuh pilih sendiri tapi selalu di dorong oleh budak ini dan akhirnya semua orang pon ter setuju dengan cadangan beliau. Eh, apa trick kamu? Victoria Station it is. Tak nak makan nasi, rasa nak go for western and again, kena cari tempat yang cozy and tak crowded untuk keselesaan tuan kecik.

Bergerak 2 kereta with Ajoi and Zira in Ajoi's car dan kami berempat plus one in Abah's car. Dalam kereta Mika sikit pon tak pandang mommy dia. Leka duduk depan ngan Tok Mi (no car seat dah malam..hentam jer).

Meh tengok pics..enjoy!

That's all for Saturday night. I hope my mom had a good time..we love you Umi!

Friday, December 11, 2009

nasi lemak kak laili & ayam penyet

Btw, my sis and cousin Nana came over around 10 this morning to fetch Mika and me. Sangat malas nak drive, plus kalau drive, my car pon tak gerak2 nanti at Subang, so duduk diam2 kat PH sudah. Mika sampai2 dah tunjuk skill jalan..yes, dia boleh jalan dah, one two steps..tapi he must know the destination baru dia confident dan dia telah berjaya berdiri tanpa bantuan. Way to go Mika! I had lunch which was for breakfast sebenarnye..nasi lemak Kak Laili. For those who are familiar with Nasi Ayam Kak Laili, they are under one roof. The stall is located at food court on top of Pasar SS 15. Pagi2 ada jual nasi lemak bungkus and nasi ayam too. Sedap! Tapi selalu sold out, kena pergi early in the morning to buy this nasi lemak. Packet kecik2 je, wrap in daun pisang. Did nothing in the afternoon, rest, tv, gossips with my mom, aunt, cousins..itu sahaja. Time ni I leh relax2 sebab ramai nanny instant. Tunggu hubby balik office to go for dinner at..mana lagi kalau bukan Ayam Penyet Ria, ss 15. Tak bawak Mika. Hubby suggested Nasi Kandar Pelita but I was not in the mood to eat Nasi Kandar. Balik from dinner, I lepak kejap with my cousins and they went home around 9 and now it's time for me to join hubby and Mika in the lala land. Nite!

WK annual dinner

Lambat nye update, tengok my friend Ros update terus macam teringat nak update. Here goes..last Saturday my company held an annual dinner at Cyberview Lodge and the theme for this year was Madhatters. I did not want to wear any hat so I opted for the headband with the big ribbon on my head. Ok lar, janji masuk theme. Luckily that day fall on hubby's off day so he could look after Mika as my family was not around to do so.

I actually dah ada baju lain, but tunjuk kat hubby dia macam tak berapa suka that baju. Haih, dah la I memang takde baju lain so on that Saturday morning itself, I drag hubby pergi Pyramid together with Mika and after pusing2 and keluar masuk the same shop for 3 times, I settled with one below. Hubby pilihkan..minus the head gear of course. Surprisingly lil Mika tidak buat hal langsung..duduk je diam2 dalam stroller for that 3 hours..I felt guilty jugak but what to do, no choice.

Side track kejap, for that Friday night aka movie night, we watched 500 Days of Summer. Ye, saya sangat ketinggalan.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

entry pukul 3 petang

Kerja banyak tapi masih curi² update..I just need to write write write to keep myself sane..huhu..apa tomorrow is a public holiday for Selangor and the next day pulak bday my mom. My plan is to go back to Subang and since my cousins are around, boleh la gossip² and claim souvenirs. Not sure yet nak overnight ke tak. I rasa macam nak meet up with the gurls too but belum plan anything lagi. Hubby on the hand, kerja! Okay lar, at least my family is around takde la I terkurung kat rumah. Speaking of him, semalam dia masak nasi goreng for dinner. I sorang je makan sebab hubby ala² diet makan pan fried dory only. I siapkan bahan then he volunteered to cook. Thank you B, buat la selalu okay..I think you are better cook than me lar :P

Sambil hubby memasak, I tidokan Mika and online sampai wireless tak boleh connect. It aint my fault. I nak load Cafe World, dia hang dan terus dc. Tapi after attempt yang ntah ke berapa kali and keluhan tak sudah hubby, berjaya jugak connect. Pagi ni I bawak leftover fried rice for breakfast. I cakap kat hubby, rasa kenyang..tak habis ni makan..tengok² licin! Haih..makan tak ingat sungguh. Okay lar, back to work sementara masih rajin ni. Take care people, to those who work in Selangor, have a great long weekend!

p/s: Mika dah boleh take few steps forward! Dia still takut² lagi..take your time sayang..I know you can do it. Love you Mikhail Haris!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

a quick one

Semalam tengok The Biggest Loser Asia sambil dinner..boleh? huhuh..tak sedar diri langsung. Sepatutnya tak nak dinner (bukan diet pon, malas) tapi my parents singgah rumah kejap in the evening nak ambil balik kereta my mom which was left at my house while they were away. Knowing my mom yang tak akan datang dengan tangan kosong, dia bawak ole² (i got a pair of jeans, shirt, sandal, painting for the house while Mika and hubby dapat shirt gaks). Thanks to my sis tolong pilihkan..i love the jeans very much tapi looks like kena alter sikit..a bit loose kat kaki..i think la..tapi hubby looks tight to him already :P Tengok la nanti. Besides the ole², my mom bawak Kari mesti la kena makan kan. After tidokan Mika, I turun dapur tengok dalam fridge ada some broccoli and carrots, cincai masak tuh letak garlic and dashes of Lea and Perrins..done..then buat Telur Dadar with onions and red chilli in it..done. Since dinner was quite late, nearly 9pm and I normally retire to bed around sangat sleepy and initial plan nak baring² beside Mika, he was restless dalam cot, I letak dia on the bed..then I pon tertido sekali. Issshh..bukan baru je tengok The Biggest Loser ke?? Sebab tuh malas nak dinner..haih..but I woke up back at 11 sebab belum pack Mika's bag. Baju Mika tak perlu basuh..hubby buat sebab dia off today..hehe..bangun malam pon hubby. When hubby off, baru la I boleh bangun lambat sikit. Okay, back to work. I actually nak update bout last weekend. Tengok la if I got time and mood.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

they are back

Mereka semua sudah selamat pulang ke tanah air..welcome back to my family (touched down on Sunday night) & cousins (touched down on Monday morning). Ada souvenir tak? Suddenly FB is not that quiet anymore :)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

now & then

I was bored to death @office and since sangat bosan, I browse thru my fotopages and I found these photos. I believe these were taken in 2005 at Faz's old apartment at Nilai. She invited us over for makan² and coincidentally all of us were in pink or at least in the same shade of color and we were all wearing skirts! Memang tak plan..

Tengok la us back then, all were still single (tak kahwin lagi tapi attached) & 24 (do the maths)! I heart you girlfriends. Erin could not make it that day and actually if we all jumpa je mesti kebetulan pakai color lebih kurang..tak caya..tengok la pics below..owh gurls, I so miss the old days lar..

I actually have the first 3 photos in draft then decide nak tambah lagi so jadi la satu entry..okay lar..berlalu lar jugak 1 jam..another 1.5hr to go..

new moon

Okay I've watched New Moon..supposed to watch 2012 and was hoping that I could purchase the 8pm show as I went to buy it early in the morning (unable to purchase it online) but I was wrong! Saturday night I guess, the only seats available were those three rows in front. No way I'm going to watch with a stiff neck after that. Since I was the one buying (hubby was on PM shift the night before so I volunteered to get the tickets first rather than just go and buy it last minute), I definitely have the right to choose any movie I wanted to watch and New Moon was it.

The movie..well everybody is talking about it. What so special about it huh? Honestly, just plain OK for me. The only thing I like is Jacob's character. I like the way he protects Bella and the way he treats Bella. He's the real man. I felt sorry for Jacob when Bella left him to be with her "It's-always-been-him-vamp" after giving him hope that they might have a future together. Bella oh Bella, I so don't like her. Guess that part reminds me of something and I totally felt it. Ooops, too much info. Sorry for those who plan to watch and reading this..just my 2 cents.

We left Mika at Subang and spent the night at PH. Movie + dinner completed my Saturday night and I actually went to sleep with that Jacob character stucked in my mind.