Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Fikir pasal rumah sampai bila pon tak habis..dah ada rumah mesti kena maintain and furnish too the wishlist will go on and on..

  1. fix electric gate (hopefully by Jan '10)
  2. safety gates (next month kot)
  3. landscaping (simple one will do) stray cats suka je buat bisness kat sini
  4. wardrobe for master bedroom so lanai room boleh buat study room
  5. aircond for living hall downstairs (can be done now but not that important as we still prefer the living hall upstairs)
  6. shelves dah beli tak fix lagi
  7. wall deco dah beli pon tak fix lagi..hubby, bila nak drill ni?
  8. kitchen lights casing dah beli pon tak fix lagi!
  9. Mika's room
  10. wet kitchen (tiling and roofing/awning) - that day dah panggil orang quote, still no news
Ni some of the things we plan to do with the house. The most important one would be 1, 2 & 3. I wish I'm a millionaire..boleh buat semua in one shot


gEe said...

ur rumah dah cukup cantik dah fiza....

raF|za said...

hehe..rumah i kosong lagi kak gee..mahu bertahun nak deco ni..hehe