Tuesday, November 17, 2009

the queen and 2012

Just a quick one..nak update tapi M.A.L.A.S..plus last week was a very hectic and stressful one..Mika was down with fever and I just got no mood to update when he was not well. Alhamdulillah, he's recovering well now.

My mom is now in Kuching with my grandma, my aunt and my cousin. Satu benda tak pernah di buat di sini..they took my grandma to watch 2012! huhuh..the best part was, both my mom and my aunt were the ones who felt asleep during the movie but not my grandma..wah, sporting


Adekniza said...

wah hebat tokmak u!!! i yg muda belia nie pun dh lama giler tak tgk wayang okeh.. T_T..

nazira aziz said...

omg tokmak is so awesome i thought tokmak was the one who fall asleep in the cinema.so funny that she did not! tokmak won ! so funny lah my grandma,the dut runs in the family!
and the funniest part is,tokmak RARELY RARELY RARELY watch other movies other than those in tv1 and tv2 and tv3 . this is just so funnayh ! hahaha.

raF|za said...

ros: itulah, i takut dia terkejut² jer ngan sound effect sume

adik: eh eh commment sudah boleh menjadi entry..heheh..cucu kesayangan ni mesti a proud granddaughter kan kamu :P