Wednesday, November 25, 2009

pizza vs satay

After work yesterday, we went for an early dinner at Pizza vs Satay. At first hubby suggested to go to Pyramid and dinner at BubbaGump but the thought of the traffic at Sunway tol and to find a parking with an 11 months old child in tow..terus jadi malas. What can I say, PH is a new housing area, no shopping mall or any good place to eat. If we want to eat something nice, we need to go out of PH which means to USJ, Subang, Sunway or Puchong. Speaking of that, I dah lama tak makan McD! Last time masa puasa..but tengok lar, the Prosperity burger is back..might eat more often la kot lepas ni.

Okay..back to the story..Pizza vs Satay is located at USJ 9 just beside the clinic where I used to do my pregnancy check up before Columbia Asia. I pernah makan sini dulu but sangat lama dah then hubby and me pernah tahpau their pizza, I think it was nice..tak ingat dah sebab takde pulak rasa tak sedap. Then few months back my comp ada cater from this shop for breakfast and nasi lemak dia sangat I cakap kat hubby to give it a try. Besides nasi lemak and pizza, they do serve satay (duh!) & western food.

The price is around that lar, couldn't remember the exact price. The nasi lemak could be more delicious if they heat up the lauk². Masa I makan kat office dulu sedap sebab fresh kot. There you can see all sort of articles that this restaurant has been featured in various magazines and paper. Okay lar for those who want to try..I think they got other branch too. The next time I go, I will try the western cuisine kot

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