Monday, November 2, 2009

monday's entry

How was your weekend? Another weekend has gone by..cepat jer. Last weekend was well spent with my family..nobody else but US. Love it!

It was raining that Saturday morning and did not do anything much pon. I fed Mika scrambled egg and toast..Makan banyak tak ingat..but okay la..perut dia boleh terima. My friend cakap at 10 months dah boleh bagi egg but only the yolk first. So far he loves it. Hubby balik kerja around 7.30AM and we had breakfast. Then I mandikan Mika and while the guys were sleeping, I prepared Mika’s lunch. Our lunch..owh I masak nasi goreng jer sebab still full from the breakfast. They woke up around 12 and we all had lunch.

Come evening, thought nak go for a stroll at park yang ada lake and also yang ada view eg the one in Shah Alam then straight pergi dinner..but panas pulak petang tuh. By the time Mika bangun from his afternoon nap pon dah pukul 5 so we decided to just go dinner and bought some stuffs for Mika. We had Tenpayaki and headed home after that and hujan lagi. Our usual movie night dah di postpone to Saturday but saya sangat sleeepyyy!! Tak larat nak after 20 minutes, hubby kindly shooed me to the room. The movie for that night was Role Model

Sunday..I was kinda busy in the morning. Busy masak..huhuh..for breakfast I buat kuih tepung and lunch Ikan Goreng Sambal, Spinach, Mushroom and some potatoes buat sup and Sotong goreng tepung. For Mika I buat sup Ikan tapi budak kecik ni..dia makan sikit jer. Bila I suap makan nasi biasa with sup sayur yang patutnya for daddy and mommy dia, dia nak pulak makan..and that was first time I suap dia pakai tangan..kekok pon ada jugak..yer la selalu kan dia makan benda cair², mesti kena pakai sudu. That morning itself, we all sempat pergi Giant to buy some groceries and balik terus masak. Betul² rasa macam suri rumah. Setengah hari duduk dapur sambil simpan barang², mop rumah and wash apa yang patut. Then after lunch tak buat apa pon..layan Mika yang sibuk “bercakap”, pergi sana pergi I had no choice other than switching off the TV and pretended to sleep so that he will sleep too..tapi adalah 1 jam lepas tuh baru dia tido (selepas penat buat apa ntah and I ternampak pieces of paper..dia dah koyak² one of his story books, I perasan pon masa I kemaskan his toys..Mika oh Mika..) where else mommy dia dah dozed off earlier with the daddy..tak ngantuk ke budak ni..then petang tak buat apa pon..keluar amik angin since hujan lagi petang tuh, nak tengok monkeys pon takde. My mom called around 6 invited us for dinner at Cozy House, PJ but that time we were about to have dinner too, next time saja

That’s all folks for the weekend..not much of activity tapi best sebab quality time with my own family. usual some photos for your eyes

dah tak nangis dah masa mandi..
i pernah cakap about this here

daddy feeding Mika rice..dinner tenpayaki
like daddy like son..same pose..candid tau ni
shopping groceries ke Mika?


gEe said...

hahaha...gambar last tu mmg ar like daddy like sweet...

raF|za said...

heheh..tuh la, kebetulan sangat :)