Thursday, November 19, 2009

last Sunday

Kan Mika was not well last week, my parents urged me to seek for my uncle's advise..just to get his opinion. My mom was not around to accompany me as she was in Kuching, hubby had to work, my dad got his golf and yang available hanya lar my bro and sis to accompany me to see Uncle Jalil at his clinic in APSH. He managed to squeeze us in his tight schedule before his next operation. Though it was Sunday..tapi dia sangat bz!

First time Mika cough, so I sangat takut! Kesian bila dengar dia cough malam² sampai terjaga from sleep then bila dah cough tuh dia marah² lar tak suka. Even us adults pon kalau batuk cam sakit² dada kan ni baby. That time I wish I could take away all his pain and let me be the one yang suffer

Though my uncle is not a Paed there, but he sure knows what to do. Doctor mana² pon basic sama gaks kan. Checked Mika and he said ada secretion sikit (masa ni I was like..ape kebenda secretion tuh..muka dah nervous). He advised me to pat gently on his back for 10-15 mins so phlegm tuh boleh keluar. Mika memang on medication but just an additional step la to make him comfortable. Other than that, he's okay. Just need to monitor him till next Monday if the cough lagi teruk or fever balik. Then he said if ada (mintak² takder la kan), kena buat swab test. According to him, H1N1 is back..huhuhu..takut kan! Kat situ jer ada beberapa patients kena warded coz of that.

Till date, Mika is recovering well, syukur Alhamdulillah. Tak nak lar demam² lagi ye sayang..risau Mommy and Daddy. My parents pon asyik tanya Mika ok tak and even my cousin Hanna (she's Uncle Jalil's first daughter) yang dah lama tak jumpa pon tanya if Mika is fine..thanks all for your thought and concern, appreciate it very much.

My cousins dengar je I nak datang with Mika terus nak datang. They last saw Mika masa Mika's cukur jambul last June. Then balik, tahpau KFC and my bro left after lunch but my sis baik hati teman sampai pukul 5..thank you EVERYONE for your time and support and please pray for his health okay


Anonymous said...

ija my baby just recover from his batuk + demam + flu..more than 1 week..sgt tension time aper i buat (selain bg ubat and pat his back..) bg minum air masak..byk2..b4 he take his milk bg air kososng dulu dlm 2 oz..mmg krg sket minum tak lame pastu (dlm 2 days kot) trus baik..ilang dkt 1 kg..pastu mandi warm water..tido mlm air cond bg 24 degrees jer..u try la..hope he'll be ok soon...take care - TINA

raF|za said...

hi tina. anak sakit tapi kita yang risau tak sudah. memang kesian kan. i will definitely take note of the tips. thank you so much :)