Monday, November 9, 2009

it's monday again

Good monday peeps! Nothing much to update on my activity for last weekend. Just that, hubby and me went out dating last Friday. Left Mika at Subang for the night and watched movie or should I say movies as we watched Ninja halfway and decided to switch to Papadom as Ninja movie is so B-rated and felt like watching movie from Cinemax, even the dialog is predictable. Sigh..but Papadom was superb! Tribute to all the Papas out there. Had supper..dah lama tak keluar malam so rasa agak pelik and come to think of it macam dangerous jer keluar malam² ni..haih, does this mean I'm wiser? (wiser sounds better than older..huh?)

Saturday, before picking up Mika, had breakfast at Darus@15 and hubby's friend joined us. Then lunch at in laws and initial plan to go for dinner with my family but at 7, Mika was already sleepy and he dozed off just few minutes after I tucked him to bed. Since dinner is canceled, we had dinner at home instead and watched a movie called Zombieland. Not scarry at all, more to funny..okay lar, I enjoyed it.

Sunday, my mom invited us over for lunch plus tea at Subang. After that, went back home and brought little Mika for a walk at the park whilst I fed him dinner before it started raining in the evening. Daddy gave Mika a warm bath and after feeding him 8 oz of milk, he finally dozed off around 7 (according to BabyCenter, at his age, he needs total of 13-14 hours of sleep. So 11 hours at night, 3 hours during the day) . Believe it or not, hubby and me retired to bed early too..say at 9?


Adekniza said...

wah mika nye rambut mcm halus2 eh? cumil!! faruq keras rambut dia...kalah org tua..

raF|za said...

rambut halus and jarang² juga..hehe..