Friday, November 20, 2009

cheeky boy

The pics below were taken yesterday. I nak solat, Mika sibuk nak duduk atas sejadah (tiba² teringat Curly, my cat kat Subang. Dia suka sangat duduk sebelah my mom masa my mom tengah solat..sometimes tuh naik atas sejadah..Curly oh Curly). So I put another one beside me whilst hubby snap his photo. Tak kusyuk okay solat..budak kecik ni buat aksi² comel. Dah tuh, dia pergi amik my handbag, keluarkan ape ntah..

time ni hubby cakap SMILE..
pastu dia sengih² tengok camera sambil kecik kan mata
oopss..ignore benda yang dia keluarkan tuh..hehehe
okay, Mommy's done..salam Mommy

On the other note, Mikhail Haris is 11 months today! Alhamdulillah. Will update on his progress in another entry ya..


Fazlynne Majid said...

oh soooo chomel... hope he's ok already. btw couldnt help but noticed ur post .. a shoulder to cry on? im always here.. should u need someone to talk to okay.. just like the old times.. kinda miss those times.. hehe... though we rarely see each other now u're still my no 1 :) will always have time to listen even if im busy tau.. so next time dont hesitate ok ..


raF|za said...

hi faz! mika is fine, thanks. so sweet la u dear. i miss the old days too..we can talk about anything at anytime. i know that i can count on u ;) love u to the bits..muah!