Monday, November 30, 2009

if only

Wishing for a miracle..wishing for something..wishing for that one thing..and it's very impossible if the "barrier" is still there..if it..somethings are better left unspoken, afraid the truth might hurt others. down down down..

Friday, November 27, 2009

happy birthday dear sis!

Happy Birthday to my one and only sis!

The one yang suka makan makan makan, suka cakap cakap cakap, suka tolong orang, sudi layan her older sister borak, sudi temankan her older sister whenever she's free, suka tido bukak lampu sampai love u..muahh! Sudah 20 tahun yer kamu..I'm sure you have celebrated it with a blast :) Be good, don't be clumsy and of course take care..xoxo :)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

pizza vs satay

After work yesterday, we went for an early dinner at Pizza vs Satay. At first hubby suggested to go to Pyramid and dinner at BubbaGump but the thought of the traffic at Sunway tol and to find a parking with an 11 months old child in tow..terus jadi malas. What can I say, PH is a new housing area, no shopping mall or any good place to eat. If we want to eat something nice, we need to go out of PH which means to USJ, Subang, Sunway or Puchong. Speaking of that, I dah lama tak makan McD! Last time masa puasa..but tengok lar, the Prosperity burger is back..might eat more often la kot lepas ni.

Okay..back to the story..Pizza vs Satay is located at USJ 9 just beside the clinic where I used to do my pregnancy check up before Columbia Asia. I pernah makan sini dulu but sangat lama dah then hubby and me pernah tahpau their pizza, I think it was nice..tak ingat dah sebab takde pulak rasa tak sedap. Then few months back my comp ada cater from this shop for breakfast and nasi lemak dia sangat I cakap kat hubby to give it a try. Besides nasi lemak and pizza, they do serve satay (duh!) & western food.

The price is around that lar, couldn't remember the exact price. The nasi lemak could be more delicious if they heat up the lauk². Masa I makan kat office dulu sedap sebab fresh kot. There you can see all sort of articles that this restaurant has been featured in various magazines and paper. Okay lar for those who want to try..I think they got other branch too. The next time I go, I will try the western cuisine kot

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

cerita pagi

Hubby kerja malam this week and so last night only Mika and me at home. After picking up Mika semalam, I had my bath whilst hubby bergurau senda dengan anak terunanye. Then my turn to take over when hubby left for work at 6.40pm. I tukar his pampers, put on his pj. Sebab nak tido kan dia so tak boleh in front of TV or terang², kena masuk bilik. Mika pon automatically faham kalau I bawak masuk bilik tuh means nak tido. So he will golek sana golek sini, and within few minutes..dah tidur, Alhamdulillah. That time was 7pm and start la my duty seperti sterilise his bottles, wash his baju², pack his nursery bag, kemas his toys and by 7.45pm I dah siap semua including hang his clothes. Nak tunggu hubby hang kan the next morning takut dia lupa plus I have this habit, kalau dia hang, I akan betulkan balik ikut my style..and I paling tak suka if baju tuh tak di terbalikkan masa hang..weird..I know..huhuh

Settle cepat senang so next morning tak perlu nak rushing². At 8, tengok TAR and dinner. After that online, main game etc. Nak tido tak ngantuk pulak so I only managed to sleep at 10.30pm. Mika woke up at 2.30AM for his milk and again sharp at 6, dia akan bangun for good..puas la I suruh dia tido sebab I nak sleep for another 15mins and dah la hujan kan..but dia tarik² my comforter from his cot and goyang² kan cot dia. Haih..I don't know the objective of this entry pon..tapi I rasa nak type something after clearing my 300++ pages product. I have another one in que but M.A.L.A.S. On the other note, raya haji at Subang..yeay! tak payah balik kampung. Hubby pon kerja Thurs & Fri nite, so we will only going to PIL’s on Saturday. Nasib we all live nearby, so boleh buat day trip saja..till then..


DJ Mika in the house yo!
Buat la apa saja..saya redha..huhuh

All these pics Mika pakai something on his head. Well, di buli oleh mommy and daddy dia. Mika muka redha jer..

Monday, November 23, 2009

Mikhail at 11 months

Mika dah besar, dah 11 mths old..he’s gonna be 1 yr old in a month time. Cepatnye!

Let see his “achievements” at 11 months:
  • Boleh stand lama² and if penat berdiri, dia akan squat and duduk slowly
  • Boleh berdiri sambil tepuk tangan..that shows he’s mastering his balancing skill
  • Faham simple instruction like "Put it in, put it back, tepuk tangan, sleep (terus baring), pokpokpok (tepuk2 normally victim daddy..hehehe), finish (dia pusing² tangan), point remote to tv, aircond, fan"
  • Kalau cakap² dengan dia, he will respond and macam faham..or sometime dia tengok I and hubby cakap² dia pandang jer, or bila I manja² with daddy dia, dia join sekali
  • Suka gigit orang
  • One time tuh dia geram tengok kaki I yang ada lebam², dia picit²..sakitttt
  • Pandai cubit kalau kita tak bagi dia something
  • If tangan I pegang laptop and he’s around, he’ll push away my hand
  • If tanya “Siapa budak baik/pandai etc..” dia automatically angkat tangan
  • Kalau kita angkat dia and dia tak nak, dia akan lembikkan badan dia and if tengah pegang dia and he really needs something then tak bagi, dia boleh meronta dengan jayanya
  • Pandai cakap “Nak..Tak Nak..” if tak nak akan disertai dengan geleng² kepala
  • Boleh naik tangga, boleh turun dari katil, boleh panjat meja dan sewaktu dengannya
  • Bila nampak budak lain normally diam seribu bahasa..or more to takde gurl sebelah rumah dia tengok je tapi jari tunjuk²
  • If nampak kucing dia buat tangan macam panggil kucing tuh, and he knows birds, plane, fan
  • Nyanyi Twinkle Twinkle tangan dia bukak tutup bukak tutup
  • Pandai goyang badan bila dengar lagu
  • He knows kat mana nak pakai socks/shoes
  • Dah ada 8 gigi
Banyak lagi actually. I sampai tak terlist down. I’m really proud of him and his achievement so far. I love him so much and it’s really a mix feeling to watch him grow from baby till now..macam kejap je rasa. I still can remember few days before nak deliver kan Mika. My mom, MIL, aunty and cousins yang dok sibuk tanya I ok ke, ada tanda² tak and I even told hubby..I got the feeling the baby will come out on Saturday and I was right :) So Mikhail Haris, I've been your mommy for these 11 months, I hope I have been a good one. Please forgive me if I fail to meet your request or perform my duty perfectly..I will try my best and I must be the best. Anything for you, love..

Happy 11 months old Ahmad Mikhail Haris..
mommy & daddy love always :)

mix of this and that

How was your weekend? Friday night, movie night..watched "The Hangover". One funny movie. Makan sambil makan ayam penyet yang ke entah berapa kali dah.!. Then Saturday & Sunday adalah hari memasak for me sebab nak habiskan stocks dalam fridge. I masak sangat simple for lunch, fried rice (resipi Ros) and fried chicken tepung KFC for hubby and me, sup sayur, ikan goreng and nasi lembik for Mika. Macam banyak je makanan for Mika..tak lar, all in small portion. Then petang headed to Subang for tea and balik rumah after Maghrib. Actually dah early dinner kat Subang and after this and that..around 9 macam lapar lagi..hubby suggest makan Nasi Berlauk ala² Tgganu/Kelantan style kat this one stall (according to hubby orang Tgganu/Kelantan usually have this for their bfast..well, me not sure yang penting sedap) then we watched another movie called "Adventureland". In this movie ada Kristen Stewart (Twilight) and Ryan Reynolds. Movie tak berat so takder la penat nak layan.

Sunday, we had breakfast at Kayu, Taipan and on the way back we made a quick stop at Carrefour, USJ 19 Digital Mall (one of my gurls lives here, it's an apartment+mall concept) to buy Mika's NappiKleen (semalam pergi Giant, lupa!). Simple dish for lunch and dengan limited ingredients yang ada, I masak Ayam Masak Kicap with Cili Padi and Broccoli, Carrot and Sawi goreng with some fish balls. Tak kisah lar, janji I dah kosongkan fridge. Mika's one same vege without sawi buat sup and ikan goreng (lagiii..heheh). I notice kalau I suap Mika dengan tangan dia makan banyak.

Actually hubby got some plans for the weekend eg day trip to PD, gi The Gardens or KLCC, a walk in the park tapi semua pon cancel. Plus asyik hujan jer, so saya adalah malas and actually adalah tidak berapa sihat juga, berjangkit Mika la ni..tapi time.

Mika-11-month's entry still pending. In the mean time, enjoy this video. Owh sila abaikan keadaan rumah yang macam tongkang pecah tuh, budak kecik ni kalau kemas sure berterabur balik. Then coffee table tuh kena letak depan tv sebab dia suka sangat berdiri depan tv, daddy dia recordkan..

Friday, November 20, 2009

cheeky boy

The pics below were taken yesterday. I nak solat, Mika sibuk nak duduk atas sejadah (tiba² teringat Curly, my cat kat Subang. Dia suka sangat duduk sebelah my mom masa my mom tengah solat..sometimes tuh naik atas sejadah..Curly oh Curly). So I put another one beside me whilst hubby snap his photo. Tak kusyuk okay solat..budak kecik ni buat aksi² comel. Dah tuh, dia pergi amik my handbag, keluarkan ape ntah..

time ni hubby cakap SMILE..
pastu dia sengih² tengok camera sambil kecik kan mata
oopss..ignore benda yang dia keluarkan tuh..hehehe
okay, Mommy's done..salam Mommy

On the other note, Mikhail Haris is 11 months today! Alhamdulillah. Will update on his progress in another entry ya..

Thursday, November 19, 2009

last Sunday

Kan Mika was not well last week, my parents urged me to seek for my uncle's advise..just to get his opinion. My mom was not around to accompany me as she was in Kuching, hubby had to work, my dad got his golf and yang available hanya lar my bro and sis to accompany me to see Uncle Jalil at his clinic in APSH. He managed to squeeze us in his tight schedule before his next operation. Though it was Sunday..tapi dia sangat bz!

First time Mika cough, so I sangat takut! Kesian bila dengar dia cough malam² sampai terjaga from sleep then bila dah cough tuh dia marah² lar tak suka. Even us adults pon kalau batuk cam sakit² dada kan ni baby. That time I wish I could take away all his pain and let me be the one yang suffer

Though my uncle is not a Paed there, but he sure knows what to do. Doctor mana² pon basic sama gaks kan. Checked Mika and he said ada secretion sikit (masa ni I was like..ape kebenda secretion tuh..muka dah nervous). He advised me to pat gently on his back for 10-15 mins so phlegm tuh boleh keluar. Mika memang on medication but just an additional step la to make him comfortable. Other than that, he's okay. Just need to monitor him till next Monday if the cough lagi teruk or fever balik. Then he said if ada (mintak² takder la kan), kena buat swab test. According to him, H1N1 is back..huhuhu..takut kan! Kat situ jer ada beberapa patients kena warded coz of that.

Till date, Mika is recovering well, syukur Alhamdulillah. Tak nak lar demam² lagi ye sayang..risau Mommy and Daddy. My parents pon asyik tanya Mika ok tak and even my cousin Hanna (she's Uncle Jalil's first daughter) yang dah lama tak jumpa pon tanya if Mika is fine..thanks all for your thought and concern, appreciate it very much.

My cousins dengar je I nak datang with Mika terus nak datang. They last saw Mika masa Mika's cukur jambul last June. Then balik, tahpau KFC and my bro left after lunch but my sis baik hati teman sampai pukul 5..thank you EVERYONE for your time and support and please pray for his health okay

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Fikir pasal rumah sampai bila pon tak habis..dah ada rumah mesti kena maintain and furnish too the wishlist will go on and on..

  1. fix electric gate (hopefully by Jan '10)
  2. safety gates (next month kot)
  3. landscaping (simple one will do) stray cats suka je buat bisness kat sini
  4. wardrobe for master bedroom so lanai room boleh buat study room
  5. aircond for living hall downstairs (can be done now but not that important as we still prefer the living hall upstairs)
  6. shelves dah beli tak fix lagi
  7. wall deco dah beli pon tak fix lagi..hubby, bila nak drill ni?
  8. kitchen lights casing dah beli pon tak fix lagi!
  9. Mika's room
  10. wet kitchen (tiling and roofing/awning) - that day dah panggil orang quote, still no news
Ni some of the things we plan to do with the house. The most important one would be 1, 2 & 3. I wish I'm a millionaire..boleh buat semua in one shot

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

the queen and 2012

Just a quick one..nak update tapi last week was a very hectic and stressful one..Mika was down with fever and I just got no mood to update when he was not well. Alhamdulillah, he's recovering well now.

My mom is now in Kuching with my grandma, my aunt and my cousin. Satu benda tak pernah di buat di sini..they took my grandma to watch 2012! huhuh..the best part was, both my mom and my aunt were the ones who felt asleep during the movie but not my grandma..wah, sporting

Monday, November 16, 2009

the last ones

hahaha..still tak habis² about sesame google last 2 shots i dapat capture last week. ada yang i miss out..nevertheless, mereka sangat comel! dulu sangat addicted dengan google is back to normal..maybe they'll do something for christmas..wah, macam promo google pulak..commission pleaseeee..huhuh..

Monday, November 9, 2009

it's monday again

Good monday peeps! Nothing much to update on my activity for last weekend. Just that, hubby and me went out dating last Friday. Left Mika at Subang for the night and watched movie or should I say movies as we watched Ninja halfway and decided to switch to Papadom as Ninja movie is so B-rated and felt like watching movie from Cinemax, even the dialog is predictable. Sigh..but Papadom was superb! Tribute to all the Papas out there. Had supper..dah lama tak keluar malam so rasa agak pelik and come to think of it macam dangerous jer keluar malam² ni..haih, does this mean I'm wiser? (wiser sounds better than older..huh?)

Saturday, before picking up Mika, had breakfast at Darus@15 and hubby's friend joined us. Then lunch at in laws and initial plan to go for dinner with my family but at 7, Mika was already sleepy and he dozed off just few minutes after I tucked him to bed. Since dinner is canceled, we had dinner at home instead and watched a movie called Zombieland. Not scarry at all, more to funny..okay lar, I enjoyed it.

Sunday, my mom invited us over for lunch plus tea at Subang. After that, went back home and brought little Mika for a walk at the park whilst I fed him dinner before it started raining in the evening. Daddy gave Mika a warm bath and after feeding him 8 oz of milk, he finally dozed off around 7 (according to BabyCenter, at his age, he needs total of 13-14 hours of sleep. So 11 hours at night, 3 hours during the day) . Believe it or not, hubby and me retired to bed early too..say at 9?

Friday, November 6, 2009

weekend is here

semalam tengok Oprah and last night's show was about Oprah's Viewer Surprise. Dia buat surprise kat orang and Oprah ni pandai tau buat orang nangis! I dah la jenis susah nangis, even my hubby pon jarang nampak I nangis. Kalau tengok movie with hubby then ada la part² touching tuh, I sampai cover² okay..malu nak nangis depan dia. But when it comes to Oprah or any touching movies, I surrender. So semlm hubby kan PM shift, I had my dinner while watching Oprah..then sambil makan sambil nangis..boleh? Tapi bukan sedih pon, more like happy tears coz the surprises she made..menggembirakan orang tuh sampai keluar happy tears. Ada yang dapat jumpa Josh Groban (his song "Awake" sangat best!), Bon Jovi (i love!), Tom Cruise and also dapat kereta la, rumah la..but in a way Oprah ni tolong those who really need help lar..Owh Oprah, bila nak buat surprise untuk saya?

This morning I dapat breakfast delivery from hubby. Normally jumpa kat rumah but he stayed a while for breakfast and I macam cakap lapar, nothing to eat, tak drive hari he dropped by at my office with a pack of nasi goreng, thanks B!

Okay, entry kelam kabut..semua pon macam tak related. Have a good weekend!


Next weekend : Sarawak
Raya haji weekend : Melbourne
Weekend after raya haji: Bandung + Surabaya

Pack tak schedule ni? Unfortunately it's not mine! Grrr..grrr..grrr..

Thursday, November 5, 2009

a shoulder to cry on

* * A Shoulder to Cry On by Tommy Page * *

Everyone needs a shoulder to cry on
everyone needs a friend to rely on
When the whole world is gone
you won't be alone cause I'll be there
I'll be your shoulder to cry on
I'll be there
I'll be the one you rely on
when the whole world's gone
you won't be alone
cause I'll be there!

And when the whole world is gone
You'll always have my shoulder to cry on....

I wish I have one now. I wish I wish I wish.. :(:(:(

cookie monster

Cute eh? Cookie monster in the house peeps :) Google memang fun la. Ada one time tuh ada barcode..well..tengok la lepas ni apa pulak..nways, happy googling!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Mika in action

He now can do this. Actually dah lama boleh buat..tapi sebab we all tak selalu duduk bawah, so tak sedar dia boleh buat ni. Makin lama makin laju naik..nanti nak ajar dia turun pulak. Btw, he called me "Mamamamamama" when he saw me this morning! Then panggil daddy dia "Dadadadadada"..Owh Mikhail Haris dah besar!

Monday, November 2, 2009

monday's entry

How was your weekend? Another weekend has gone by..cepat jer. Last weekend was well spent with my family..nobody else but US. Love it!

It was raining that Saturday morning and did not do anything much pon. I fed Mika scrambled egg and toast..Makan banyak tak ingat..but okay la..perut dia boleh terima. My friend cakap at 10 months dah boleh bagi egg but only the yolk first. So far he loves it. Hubby balik kerja around 7.30AM and we had breakfast. Then I mandikan Mika and while the guys were sleeping, I prepared Mika’s lunch. Our lunch..owh I masak nasi goreng jer sebab still full from the breakfast. They woke up around 12 and we all had lunch.

Come evening, thought nak go for a stroll at park yang ada lake and also yang ada view eg the one in Shah Alam then straight pergi dinner..but panas pulak petang tuh. By the time Mika bangun from his afternoon nap pon dah pukul 5 so we decided to just go dinner and bought some stuffs for Mika. We had Tenpayaki and headed home after that and hujan lagi. Our usual movie night dah di postpone to Saturday but saya sangat sleeepyyy!! Tak larat nak after 20 minutes, hubby kindly shooed me to the room. The movie for that night was Role Model

Sunday..I was kinda busy in the morning. Busy masak..huhuh..for breakfast I buat kuih tepung and lunch Ikan Goreng Sambal, Spinach, Mushroom and some potatoes buat sup and Sotong goreng tepung. For Mika I buat sup Ikan tapi budak kecik ni..dia makan sikit jer. Bila I suap makan nasi biasa with sup sayur yang patutnya for daddy and mommy dia, dia nak pulak makan..and that was first time I suap dia pakai tangan..kekok pon ada jugak..yer la selalu kan dia makan benda cair², mesti kena pakai sudu. That morning itself, we all sempat pergi Giant to buy some groceries and balik terus masak. Betul² rasa macam suri rumah. Setengah hari duduk dapur sambil simpan barang², mop rumah and wash apa yang patut. Then after lunch tak buat apa pon..layan Mika yang sibuk “bercakap”, pergi sana pergi I had no choice other than switching off the TV and pretended to sleep so that he will sleep too..tapi adalah 1 jam lepas tuh baru dia tido (selepas penat buat apa ntah and I ternampak pieces of paper..dia dah koyak² one of his story books, I perasan pon masa I kemaskan his toys..Mika oh Mika..) where else mommy dia dah dozed off earlier with the daddy..tak ngantuk ke budak ni..then petang tak buat apa pon..keluar amik angin since hujan lagi petang tuh, nak tengok monkeys pon takde. My mom called around 6 invited us for dinner at Cozy House, PJ but that time we were about to have dinner too, next time saja

That’s all folks for the weekend..not much of activity tapi best sebab quality time with my own family. usual some photos for your eyes

dah tak nangis dah masa mandi..
i pernah cakap about this here

daddy feeding Mika rice..dinner tenpayaki
like daddy like son..same pose..candid tau ni
shopping groceries ke Mika?

Sunday, November 1, 2009

SMILEYKIDZ Online Contest~ Senyuman Ceria Si Comel

STICKY MODE: Latest entry kat bawah okay :)

Dapat tahu pasal contest ni from kawan and rasa nak cuba lalu terus click SMILEYKIDZ sebab nak tahu lebih detail. Ada la beberapa keping photo Mika yang dia senyum, oh anak saya kalau amik gambar muka selalu serious jer..tapi kalau nasib baik dapat la amik time dia senyum :D So tak tau nak letak mana satu, saya letak la semua yang ada dalam collection. Mari, mari tengok photos di bawah..

Nama: Ahmad Mikhail Haris b Ahmad Johari
Umur: 10bulan

baru bangun tidur tapi ceria je dia
time ni dia geram dengan teether tuh lalu senyum..apakah?
cheeky boy with his cheeky smile
senyum macam ni boleh?

Bawah ni ada details pasal contest ni..

Buat julung2 kalinya, SMILEYKIDZ ingin menganjurkan


Hadiah yang ditawarkan adalah:

Pemenang Utama x 1 org:

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~unlimited shots~

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Pemenang sampingan x 2 org:

Voucher fotografi SMILEYKIDZ bernilai RM50

So apa tunggu lagi???

Sertai online contest ini sekarang. :)

Online contest ini di buka dari tarikh:

15th Oktober 2009 - 31 Oktober 2009 jam 11.59mlm.

Terbuka kepada si comel berusia 1day - 4 thn sahaja.

Cara2 penyertaan?

* Jadi Follower SMILEYKIDZ dan Add SMILEYKIDZ di dalam bloglist anda
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* Jangan lupa nyatakan nama si comel dan umurnya.
* Dalam entri tersebut pastikan anda mention dan link ke SMILEYKIDZ .
* AMARAN: no link back will be disqualified
* Bila anda dah puas hati dengan entry tu, TINGGALKAN komen dan LINK entry tersebut di dalam ruang komen entry online contest ini.
* Tetapi sebelum itu..sila baca syarat2 penyertaan di bawah:

Syarat-syarat Penyertaan dan disclaimer:

* Terbuka kepada semua mommies/daddies yang mempunyai anak berusia 1hari - 4 tahun.
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Contoh gambar senyuman ceria si comel adalah seperti banner contest ni.
Ceria kan senyuman tu?

SO apa tunggu lagi??
Jangan tunggu lama lama .. nanti lama lama.. langsung terlupa buat entri .....

Kalau ada sebarang pertanyaan, boleh tinggalkan komen di entri ini ataupun emailkan ke