Wednesday, October 28, 2009

still on wedding

I was browsing through old photos in hubby's pc last night and found these. Saja jer nak share with you all. These photos were taken masa Kak Johana's (now sis-in-law) wedding. Their akad nikah was held on 8/12/06 and receptions were on the 9th (bride's side) & 10th (groom's side). Exactly 6 months after that (8/6/07) my turn pulak kahwin :D

That time I adalah fiance kepada En Johari. Kak Johana wanted me to be her maid of honor and I accepted it with pleasure. Even though I was all alone at the wedding, alone means I tak kenal semua relatives and my family members could not make it as they were on vacation yang patutnye I ikut tapi sebab family matters, I did not mind at all tak pegi :) Kata nak jadi wife En Johari kan, so I tried my best menyesuaikan diri with everyone and I think I did a good job sebab ada jer orang I borak² masa kat situ. Pandai² la bawak diri kan..owh sekarang pon masih pandai bawak diri bukan before kahwin je tau

My baju adalah disponsor. I wore this off white kebaya sama color with bride and groom and the rest of the family were in brown. Pengantin pakai baju designed by Man Kajang and tengok baju dia yang sungguh cantik with the beading and all, I was determined to hire the same designer too for my wedding. Time tu jugak I book Abang Man and not to forget the make up artist, Sue Cantik. Tiru jer kan..tapi dah tgk result depan mata..malas nak fikir nak cari lain dah plus 6 months jer lagi till my wedding

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