Friday, October 30, 2009

productive year

Aktiviti lepas lunch sungguh tidak productive..macam biasa. Kepala pikir nak balik jer. Haih..hubby kerja malam pulak tonite..tapi on the bright side..weekend dia cuti! yessss! dah la my mum is out of town so kalau hubby kerja malam and my mum is not around..memang bosan sangat, macam takde life okay..kalau dulu time preggie..ada je benda boleh buat, go out with the gurls, with my sis and cousins or even sorang² pon no hal..then lepak rumah pon ok..owh not to fret I tak suka being a mom (sangat suka dan bersyukur!) but when you are a mom you need a lot of support from your family. tambah² lagi i got no helper kan (B, jom amik maid!)..mana nak tengok Mika, nak mandi kan Mika, nak masak, nak makan..susah wooo..kalau 2 orang je dengan dia..I'm sure other mothers with no helper out there experiencing the same thing.

and speaking of mom ni..i blog hoping here and there and ramai la expecting..ada first time mom and also ada dah 2nd, 2008 is a really productive year! this include my very own colleague Ros which is now 4 months preggie with her 2nd! Congratulations all. Jaga diri baik² and despite the morning sickness, headache, backache, sleep deprivation, water retention, bloated face, expanding tummy..and what used to be size 2 is now size 6 or 8 or's all worth it, InsyaAllah. Just remember Him above and take really good care of yourselves okay?

Have a good weekend peeps!

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