Sunday, October 4, 2009

open house at mom's

Yesterday, my sister invited her friends to come over for Raya Open House and as I was already in Subang for the weekend, my mom asked me to invite some friends too. Nak harap I buat open house kat PH macam takde jer, then alang2 my mom suruh ajak, why not I invited the gurls and some colleagues and my guest list compared to my sister, tak lebih 10 orang pon..hers melampau2 sampai puluh2 kot..tapi kata tumpang kan..The invitation was sent out last minute and to those who came, thank you for coming! I really appreciate it.

My colleagues Siti and Fendi pon ada. Siti and family came all the way from Rawang, sangat terharu dia datang..dapat jugak my colleagues ni tengok Mika in person, selalu tengok kat sini jer.

Bertambah happy dapat jumpa the gurls, except Eisha who had something urgent to attend to.
Without her, tak cukup corum. Maybe next time..then my cousin Ellie dropped by too. so okay lar. Perfect Saturday.

the one & only Faz
US without Eisha
Borak session
Erin came without hubby and kids, Ereen with hubby & without kid, Faz with K

my hubby was sleeping kat atas time nie..he's on PM shift this weekend :(
with Siti from office

 CLOSE house dah..baju pon dah tukar

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