Thursday, October 29, 2009


I miss my baby..15 more mins to go home but feels like so longggggg..dah makan muruku dan segala manisan office served for Deepavali celebration pon belum time nak balik lagi. Cepat lar cepar lar 4.45pm..owh speaking of Deepavali celebaration, last Tuesday ada lunch kat office. The caterer was imported all the way from Sea Park, PJ known as The Big Rajah Food Caterers. Sedap sangat! Ada mutton, fish, prawns, kentang, chicken cukup la makanan seimbang then ada desert ice cream yang macam ice cream potong which I took 2 bekas and makan sampai habis okay..tak cukup tuh 2nd round makan tosei pulak yang di buat on the spot..nyum nyum..and since this week adalah Deepavali celebration, on Tuesday itself ada saree wearing competition modeled by GUYS, yesterday ada Palm Reading and Henna Body Art sessions and today ada Indian Traditional Dance pulak. All these sessions were being held at ePUB (break out area ada pantry and sofa duduk²) on level 3 (I'm at level 4) and this ePUB is nicer sebab ada windows kira ada view la nak tengok compared to my level's punya plus ada WII & Rockband game lagi! sangat jeles! Hey, we at Level 4 pon nak some entertainment please..okay enough 4.40 dah..time to pack and leave..meeting my baby and also big baby jugak..huhuh..

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