Thursday, October 15, 2009

overdue weekend's update

I just notice that I haven't post any entry about last weekend's update. Started with Friday, amik time off, hubby together with Mika came and fetched me sebab ada appointment with Mika's Paed at 3.15pm. Nak pergi jab 2nd dose of pneumococcal. Sebab lama tak kena jab, he cried gile² tapi kejap jer la..after I distract him..heh macam mana nak jadi brave boy weight to date is 9.9kg..naik skit jer but still above average which is good and the rest also okay..on the track, Alhamdulillah. Nanti if I got the chance, I upload the video Mika kena jab yer. Then balik rumah and initially nak suruh Mika rest..but dia active sangat so Mommy and Daddy jer la rest..huhuh..petang pergi pasar malam and first pasar malam for Mika. Malam as usual our movie night..we watched "The Last Word" starred by Wes Bentley and Winona Ryder..owh movie sangat slow and a bit boring..I didn't get to see sampai habis..pause nak feed Mika and ended up I pon tido sekali..again hubby kena tengok sorang² :P know what I did on that day, please click HERE. Thanks sis, tumpang kejap. Abis jer family gathering at Mom's, we went to PIL house pulak. That day was actually Mummy's birthday..HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUMMY! then we went back to PH and Mika macam nak kena we did not go anywhere, stayed home and it was a quiet and macam boring Saturday.

Sunday, confirmed Mika kena flu. It was wet morning too. Gave him the flu medicine and put him to sleep. At 10, I got appointment with Kak Gee from Prudential Takaful sebab hubby plan nak amik insurance for me and Mika. Kak Gee sangat friendly and the explanation memang memuaskan hati. I know my company got insurance and hubby's company pon cover for me and Mika but..this is for long term lar..and it's 3 in 1. Invest, Protect and Compensate. Yer la, for now maybe company cover health kita kan but along the road bila dah retire, adakah company akan cover lagi? Plus time tuh nak amik insurance kena bayar RM400-500 per month, sekarang minimum RM100 sahaja and banyak benefit boleh dapat. Tak rugi invest, if boleh spend RM100 untuk beli macam², rasa no hal gaks kalau invest kan..huhuh..just my 2 cents. Tak rugi rasa lega sikit me and Mika ada extra protection, and application pon dah approve. In 2 weeks time dapat lar medical card.

Okay dah habis session insurance tuh, petang bawak Mika pergi klinik pula sebab dia started to cough..sian dia. Tapi dia ok jer, active macam tak sakit pon. Luckily tak demam. Before pergi clinic pergi check out nursery kat Puchong Perdana. Owh nursery pokok bunga konon nak tengok la rumput and pokok², haih tak menarik langsung. Sg Buloh lagi banyak choice and cheaper. Itu sahaja for the weekend. Pic ada, tak xfer lagi..nanti la if ada masa I letak.


Tina Banana said...


1) u sebut ayam penyet, i lak dah ngidam nak makan ayam penyet.. how laaa.. hehehe..

2) my mika pun unwell.. slight flu, coughing and fever.. so a bit cranky..penat nak jaga! :)

raF|za said...


oopss, u kena makan ni. hehe

yer la..sama pulak. they all ni nak membesar and masuk different phase, macam² kan, same here. penattt!