Monday, October 26, 2009

birthday celebration part I

Hello! How was your weekend? Mine okay I guess. Bukan selalu kan weekend best due to hubby's work shift. So last Friday I amik cuti sebab nak celebrate my birthday with hubby. Well, let the photos do the talking..

Fri morning hantar Mika ke rumah bbsitter for halfday only and later sent him to Subang and he spent the night there with his grandparents..sedih jugak nak leave him there..this time I think the 4th times I separate with him..1st & 2nd time masa dia kena hospitalised for his jaundice, dalam hari lagi masa tuh and 3rd when I was after this maybe boleh buat more often? Ie alternate Friday night? Tengok la macam mana :D so far okay jer

on the way to bbsitter's 

Lepas dah hantar Mika which was around 3..we made our ways to the destination. Tak jauh pon, dalam KL jer. Hubby booked this hotel room @Capitol and the best part is, this hotel sangat dekat dengan Sg Wang, Low Yatt, Bintang Walk. Best! Ni la bilik yang we all stayed for that one night :)

Done with the check in etc..we went for our late lunch at one of the so famous nasi ayam hainan restaurant. It's located opposite of Sg Wang and this is the view from the restaurant. Lama sangat tak makan sini..last masa mula² kahwin dulu kot or adakah masa belum kahwin. See..lama sangat sampai tak ingat. Actually lama jugak tak pegi this area..last pergi masa few days before I delivered..if not dulu, selalu je ke sini..even time study dulu pon selalu je we all pergi sini

yours truly before I did something to my hair
steamed chicken for me
bbq chicken for hubby
taugeh is a MUST! 
dulu boleh habiskan ni sorang²

Hubby insisted me to cut and color my hair with a lil bit of highlights here and there..and he even helped to choose the color and style sebab dia complaint cakap my hair style sama je..pergi saloon tapi still sama. Since he's paying kan...why not..tapi kena tahan lar duduk atas kerusi tuh for 3 hours! One thing I kurang suka pergi saloon ialah duduk lama²...

tadaaa..the new ME..hehe
hubby and me

Nasib ada hotel kan..if not jangan harap dia nak tunggu i lama²..anyways, thanks sayang for this..LOVE U!

                                                         ni la hotel tuh..sorry tangan shaking
the crowd at Bintang Walk on Friday night..
tiba² rasa macam tourists

After dinner we went back to the hotel. That time almost midnight dah pon..nak tengok movie kat Time Square but sangat penat and lepak bilik jer. That's all for Friday :D

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