Monday, October 5, 2009

breakfast with Mommy & Daddy

Good morning everyone. It's Sunday, rise and shine!
Mommy bought me this cute tortoise pajamas. I love it!
I'm done with reading, now let's go for breakfast @Darus!
Owh these are not mine..
These are for Mommy & Daddy
They love Nasi Lemak Ayam and Nescafe kurang manis to go with
Pfffttt.. I can only eat this..*sigh*
I want Nasi Lemak Ayam too!
I love it anyway and asked for more.
Normally I eat 2 of this and sometimes 3.

Thank you Mommy
Daddy, how about roti canai? Can I eat that?
Lek lek lu..
Why is Mommy's hand moving up and down?
hmhmhm..what is she trying to do?

 I had a great outing with Mommy and Daddy. Last time when I was here, I cried. Not this time, guess I am one big boy now!


Joe J said...

mungkin 20 tahun lagi ini la tempat dia lepak2, ganti daddy dia

raF|za said...

hoh..mungkin juga..bukan saja tempat lepak daddy dia..kawan² mommy dia pon penuh kat situ :P

haNNa said...

eija bebeh..suka la gamba mika "Pfffttt.. I can only eat this..*sigh* " ..haha cute!..mesti dalam hati dia berapi2 nak makan nasik lemak

raF|za said...

hi hanna! hahaha..tuh laa..dia dok tengok je nasi lemak tuh :P