Thursday, October 8, 2009

a bit of this and that

Yesterday balik Subang sebab my mom said got banyak leftover from lunch. My dad and bro bawak the whole office datang rumah for lunch. This year's raya rasanya paling banyak my mom buat makan². Being her, tak sah la kalau food tak banyak sanpai I urged her to give some to the neighbours..macam² lar ada..Udang Sambal with Petai, Gulai Labu, Kari Daging, Tauhu Sumbat, Ulam-ulaman, Sambal Tempoyak yang color kuning tuh with Ikan Bilis, Serai and Petai, Rendang Ayam, Rendang Daging, Ketupat, Lemang, Kuah Kacang, Karipap, Tapai..adoii..banyak nyeee! Some cooked some order..but out of all, I only ate sikit jer..dah malam kan..makan banyak² is so not good for the tummy..huhuhuh..

Actually I'm a bit reluctant to go back to Subang during the weekdays. Sebab from Subang, need to go to Putra Heights to drop Mika, then baru pergi kerja. Everything pon kena buat 1/2 hr early. Although it's on the way tapi penat gaks sebab I spent almost an hour in the car. Hari ni extra penat sebab Mika woke up at 5! He wanted his milk and refused to go back to sleep. Dia tak kacau lar but he was babbling, pusing sana pusing I have no choice but to wake up too at 5.45. Showered tuh pon pass Mika to his grandparents and by 6.40AM I was ready to leave..tapi tak lar I leave that early sebab I have to pick up my friend (am carpooling) at 7.45AM so I have to budget the time. After sending Mika, baru pukul 7.25AM and my friend was not ready yet, so I went to Esso and called hubby who was on way back from work. Owh sangat rindu with him and asked him to meet me there. Dapat la jumpa hubby kejap for 10 mins and pass karipap for his breakfast.

Sekarang macam berani sikit nak stay alone with Mika so if takde pape, I prefer to stay at home rather than going back to Subang. On the positive side, balik Subang ada lar orang nak tolong watch Mika. Memang tiring being a mother and working at the same time tapi being a full time housewife lagi tiring!

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