Wednesday, October 28, 2009

are you okay?

Mika lately suka je nak attention. After he turned 10 months, patut should be more independent and confident la kan..but dia dah start feeling attached with both his parents. Like before this tak pernah dia nangis when I drop him at the bbsitter's..but minggu ni 2 kali dia nangis but according to the bbsitter, dia nangis kejap jer but still dulu takde pon nangis². Even his bath time which used to be his fav and now dia tak nak dah duduk dalam his bath tub, nak berdiri jer

Then after pneumococoal jab tuh dia kan ada flu n cough so start dari situ after dia amik medicine, dia mesti susah nak tido (consulted doc, and he said 2 side effects, one sleepy and another one terlampau he falls on the 2nd one). Kalau tido pon kejap² jer, dia suka sangat lawan mata. Tak tido takpe, but sometimes tuh dia nak orang angkat & layan dia..bagaimana Mika..Mika bukan sorang je kat rumah bbsitter, so please behave yer sayang.

I read in Baby Center..memang ada macam's called "Separation anxiety". Mika sekarang dalam stage as quoted from Baby Center

Seven to 12 months
At around seven months your baby will realise she is independent of you; this is a huge cognitive leap worthy of celebration. Unfortunately, this new understanding of separateness makes your baby anxious. She's become so attached to you that when you leave her alone, even for a minute, she will burst into tears. She doesn't have the information yet that you will always come back. And sneaking out when her back is turned - when you leave her at daycare, for example - won't help. In fact, it may just make her more afraid that you aren't coming back. Hard as it can be, say goodbye and go while she's watching.

A now-famous British study shows exactly how clueless babies are about their own existence. Researchers placed several infants under the age of one in front of a mirror to see whether they understood that the reflection was an image of themselves. They didn't. The children patted their mirror image, behaving as if they were seeing another baby. And when researchers dabbed red rouge on each baby's nose and plopped them back in front of the mirror, they always tried to touch their reflection's nose, not their own
This morning pon he was a bit cranky. I think he's having toothache sebab selalu je main² gigi dia and ketap kuat²..saliva pon drooling je. Sekarang dah ada 8 gigi, berapa patutnye gigi ada ni at his age?? I believe this is part of his growing stage kot. Tapi ada je orang cakap.."Dia nak adikkkk.." hahah..nanti² la yer Mika. Now you be a good boy and listen to mommy, daddy and also Mama okay..behave well yer.

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