Thursday, September 10, 2009

weird dream

I woke up today with this weird feeling. Why? It was because of last night's dream. The dream took place at the wedding hall where I held my reception last time and also at a condo like area. There were familiar faces around including that particular one. In the first part of the dream, I was sort of watching a video of my wedding (must got to do with this). My hubby and I were walking down the aisle and there was this familiar face was standing behind us and acted like a bodyguard (supposed to be best man, I think). The weird thing is or should I say funny, hmhm..when the camera was not focused on him, he acted like he was mad with the whole wedding thingy and about to run amok and so wanted to kill the bride & groom. Then once the camera was on him, he turned into this sweet gentleman and even smiled..weird!! okay, whatever.

The second incident took place at a condo. According to the people there, the residents of the condo have been attacked with this virus that turned people into zombie (again, it relates to this! note to self: must not watch too many movie like this) The people who lived on the top floor came into contact with the virus first and it then spread to residents who lived on levels below. I was like witnessing the incident from some other place. I have contact with one of the residents there and he/she told me that one by one has been attacked and next was his/her turn and the line went dead. I called my hubby and asked him to come and accompany me and there were police, army everywhere only that the police and army were not Malaysians, more like US ones (just like the movies..:P) then "my hubby" came and when I said "hubby", he did not resemble my hubby at all! What happen??!! Who the hell is that guy?? Owh now I remember, that guy was the same guy at the wedding..okay, confuse. Pffttt..whatever!

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