Monday, September 7, 2009

happy birthday abah dearest & toothache

Hello! How was your weekend? Hope you had a great one. I’m writing this on Monday which is a public holiday for Selangor but not for my office! Plus there’s nothing much to do at the office and fasting month + free = BORING!

Last Saturday was my dad’s birthday and we were supposed to have a cake cutting session later that night but Mika was unwell and cranky the whole day. One of his upper teeth was giving him a whole lot of pain and made him very uncomfortable. He had difficulty in eating, swallowing and when he tried to drink his milk; he refused as the teat of the bottle will touch his teeth and that made it even more painful. Alternatively, fed him using spoon or syringe and he did slept after break fast for 1 hour or so but around 9, he woke up and cried and just wanted to be held. He must be hungry & sleepy and feeding him using spoon/syringe did not satisfy him at all and made him more cranky.
As a first time mom and since everything is new to me, I need advises from friends and did some research around but when the methods applied come to no success, guess the best solution would be a visit to the doctor and off we went to the clinic.

Hubby was unavailable that night as he got to work (I am close to ask him to take half day leave or something, as at some point, I felt so helpless and tired of having to take care of Mika alone, true my parents and siblings are around but Mika still wants me no matter what and I really need hubby to be with me). I am lucky enough as my parents live nearby and I know that they are always there to help with this and that and I truly appreciate it but it would be better if hubby is around. So you know why I always in Subang when hubby is on PM shift? (easy for me, easy for them). Back to the story, when we were at the clinic, Mika was calmed and not like when he was at home. He even made the effort to ‘talk’ to the lovely doc and waved goodbye to her upon exit. Doc prescribed numb ointment for his teeth. At home, I rubbed the ointment at his teeth and like magic he was able to drink his milk and slept soundly till 5.30AM. Alhamdulillah.

On Sunday, he was feeling much better and less cranky but he still refused to eat porridge (or was it because it is not delicious at all..LOL). I think he prefers the porridge to be finer and soupy food so he can easily swallow without having to munch. I gave him Heinz Apricot Rice Pudding, some orange juice with no sugar, Farley Rusk mixed with milk and few spoons of Nestle brown rice. Milk was given during the meals and so far so good. We broke fast at my mum’s and had the cake cutting session. Happy Birthday, Abah!!

Hubby took the day off, meaning he won’t have to work at night, yeay! Left for PH around 8.30PM and I guess Mika is back to himself, active and he even jumped up and down in his cot and wanted to play when it was already past his bedtime. I’m happy when Mika is happy. So now he got 4 teeth and yes, this is only the beginning. More teeth to come and I heard that molar teeth are the most painful than the rest? Even adults feel the pain with our wisdom tooth and baby?? InsyaAllah, only HIM knows best.

Quite sad to leave him at the babysitter this morning but Mommy got to work. Since today is a public holiday, only he and a 2-yr-old girl are around. I’m sure he will receive full attention from the babysitter and family :)

cake sedap! regret pulak makan sikit je 
budak kecik ni teruja tengok lilin masa we all nyalakan lilin tuh
*ignore me pls, tengah balance snap pic one hand, carry Mika one hand*
"can I have a bit of the cake mommy? please?" 
time ni dia dah nampak mommy dia
pantang nampak i tau dia ni 
Happy Birthday Tok Bah! 
"nak turun nak turun, i want mommy.." 
my cheeky lil boy

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