Monday, September 14, 2009

Iftar @Eisha's

Went to Eisha’s house for yearly buka puasa event with the gurls last Saturday. Her place is not too far from mine which is located at USJ 17. All of us live nearby actually, dah move out from our parents’ place pon still prefer to stay in Subang area. Reached around 6.45PM and Ereen was already there together with Eisha’s housemate, Zach and of course Eisha herself. Some of the dishes we brought were Ikan Keli Masak Sambal, Gulai Telur Masak Lemak, Ayam Golek, Tauhu Sumbat, Paru sambal, Sayur Kacang Panjang, Telur Asin and Kentang sambal..owh semua pon beli, satu je Eisha masak :P:P Faz brought Shepherd Pie and pie sangat sedaaaapppp!! yang ni K's mom buat..Faz, kita nak lagiii!

Ape daddy cakap ngan Mika tuh..duduk senyap jer
while waiting for the rest to arrive..
bagi budak kecik ni makan dulu 

Then around 7 Faz arrived and Erin arrived just in time for buka and this year we had 2 new additions to the group. Actually 3 but Ereen did not bring her son along, tunggu besar sikit yer..Irene being the eldest, she’s going to be 2 yrs old this November acted like kakak to dear Mika. but biasa la kids, ada time tuh tak ok rebut², gaduh², normal la kan. Bella, Erin’s second daughter still small, soon to be 3 months old same age with Thaqif. Owh both were born in June

mommies and babies.. 
time ni ereen kena balik coz thaqif was crying non stop so she decided to check on him first..anak, mesti la panic kan 

Being us, memang la havoc rumah Eisha tuh, dengan layan anak masing² lagi..Mika suka la dapat attention from all the hot aunts..suka je dia kena angkat sume. He behaved well too..tak meragam pon..siap jerit excited lagi..thanks Mika! Kami beralih tempat ke Eisha's room and continue to kecoh² there and the babies came with us too..the partners, they lepak at the hall makan apa yang patut :)

 comel kan this pic?
Irene selamba je share pillow with Mika and even tolong pegangkan botol Mika and as you can see, Mika don't mind at all 
amik pic lagi

Hubby pon sporting je we all lepak², amik pics and jaga Mika while his wifey sibuk kecoh². Thanks hubby! actually thanks to our partners, daddy Joe and daddy Lan who took over the kids basically I enjoyed the night and I am sure the gurls did too. best dapat jumpa everyone, but now sebab dah tak single, have to leave very limited time nak borak². if tak dulu sure sampai midnite tak habis² life is changing, we are entering different phase of life..but one thing remains for sure..we are going to be friends forever! Ni quote dari Eisha’s from FB album.. “Good to have you girls ere!! with the new editions to the group..expecting more next year so eija and ereen, starts processing..erin, awak take a break dulu..and fahz, gotta start you all!! Muax!” well Eisha, we’ll see what next year has to offer ;)
Mika dah ngantuk eh?

the daddies yang sporting!

Salam Ramadhan 2009 from us!

p/s: more photos can be found here and also here!

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