Wednesday, August 5, 2009

women nag because men just don't listen

last night when i was channel surfing, i came across this show, Gugu-gaga Erra and there was one part where Erra briefed her hubby about do’s and don’ts with their baby, her hubby paid no attention at all and it was like “masuk telinga kanan, keluar telinga kiri” and nodded as he understood what Erra just said. Maybe they are just acting or trying to show how typical men are, but it really showed the true side of a man.

Women nag because men just don’t listen, enough said. Men just do not bother to follow the instructions given and this will upset their women hence result to an argument. So who’s fault in the first place? Therefore, I strongly believe men or women they need to pay extra attention when their partners are talking. Try to put yourselves in their shoes and especially for husbands whose wives are also working, please help with the house chores etc if you do not have any maid around. Don't you pity your wives and have no heart at all to see your wives do everything? If you do not know how to do it, please learn. After all, I believe that practice makes perfect. No excuses there. It is very difficult and tiring for working mothers to do everything at one go eg cleaning the house, washing the dishes, cooking and taking care of the child. Maybe husbands can do the easy chores say washing the dishes, put the clothes in washing machine or if you are good in cooking, why not? Your wives will definitely appreciate your help and will nag less, definitely! We now live in modern days and they are no stupid rule that says, "Oh, that's a wife job..a husband cannot do it" If women nowadays can do what men does, it should goes the same to men, don't you think?

I really respect those husbands out there who know just what to do without being told on what to do. Again, this leads to this.

Note to all husbands out there, try to understand your wives better and LISTEN to them, okay? LISTENING IS THE KEY TO EVERYTHING, I seriously mean it.


Anonymous said...

really good for this...

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AJU said...

eijaa....i totally agree with u...gazillions percent AGREE....!

raF|za said...

hi aju! hehehe..speaking from experience. yes, women know women best