Tuesday, August 4, 2009

saturday's activities

Hubby was up early..biasa la dia, tak tahu la dia buat apa. For me, I need enough sleep so I can go through the day and also sebab saya jarang tido petang. He then went for his road work (jog sekitar taman) and me bawak anak for a breeze walk kat taman. Still early, around 7 so tak panas sangat and just nice lar. Then we got ready to join my family for lunch. Reached Subang at 12, siapkan Mika coz he was asleep when we left so tak nak kacau. Then pushed off to Sg Buloh in 2 cars. Ajoi, my brother joined us sebab he knows the direction and Abah had to go first sebab janji with his Sime Darby friend who will be joining us with his family.

About half an hour drive, we reached our destination (jalan nak pegi sana, tak ingat sangat sebab I was busy entertaining Mika sambil borak²). On the way tuh tengok kiri kanan macam warung² biasa jer and Sg Buloh kan terkenal with nursery..so banyak la pokok cantik² dan tiba² rasa macam ada idea nak decorate lawn kat rumah tuh. My brother tanya “Kalau makan tempat macam ni macam mana?” I was like biar betul…hari tuh satu office abah pergi all the way from Setapak to Sg Buloh nak makan kat warung tepi jalan macam ni jer? Pastu nak bawak orang Sime Darby tuh lagi..ishh..Tapi I replied tapi macam tak sincere “Okay kot..dah lapar..” then my brother suruh turned left into this large compound and ada macam satu banglo tersergam indah with the deco and all, siap ada fountain lagi..cantik! so that was our destination, De’Chiengmai Thai Seafood Restaurant. Pheww..lega :P nice ambience, nice deco and very clean. Two thumbs up!

So, let the photos do the talking.
2 important guys in my life
but this one absolutely mommy's boy lar
mika with his sleepy eyes..tapi tak sleepy pon
tunggu nak makan ke?

candid shot
haish..mika macam melepak dgn tangan macam tuh
cam whoring in the toilet

i love this pic..
walaupon Mika tengah tarik my hair

mika stole my necklace
balik dah..
Then balik letak Mika kat Subang and hubby and I headed straight to Pyramid. Yeay, dating lagi! Hubby nak pergi Pyramid coz he wanted to get this!
*pic adalah di google*
While waiting for the shop to confirm something with Maxis, we went for a drink at OldTown. Yer, we just came back from lunch but I was still hungry sebab masa lunch tak makan betul². Makan sambil layan Mika memang la kan..haish..so I ordered Tuna Toast and hubby watched me eat sambil menggelengkan kepala..huhuh..then I pergi Jusco beli some stuffs for Mika and we went back around 6.

Picked Mika and pergi Silva japs at 15, minum² but time ni Mika macam dah penat sangat..dia tak tido since we left him around 3 tadi..so I fed him and strapped him in the car seat and terus lelap. We tahpau murtabak ayam and konon nya I don’t want to eat lar sebab kenyang kan..but malam tuh masa tengah layan movie Knowing..makan jugak..pau hubby punya murtabak. Owh movie tuh best, mystery like but both of us were so tired, tak larat nak habiskan pon..so masuk bilik & tido..

Tiring day but sangat seronok!

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