Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I hate it when people tell me what to do and expect me to become the person that I am not
I hate it when people do not understand what I am babbling about and they just do not want to ask “what, why, who, when, whose, which & how” to find out more details
I hate it when people act like they are clever enough in giving me solution to my problem when the truth is they know nothing about it
I hate it when people do not bother to listen to my story instead brag a lot about his/her life and expect me to listen, that is certainly not fair!
I hate it when people do not include me in their conversation when I am just right beside them
I hate it when people expect me to go with their flow when I have my own flow to follow
I hate it when people judge me without getting to know me first
I hate it when people do not RESPECT me as a human being and treat me as if I do not belong to this planet Earth!

Hate is one strong word, I know but..I could not help but HATE all of the above!


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