Friday, August 7, 2009

happy birthday faz!

HaPpY b|rThDaY FaZ!
pic was taken last yr at a friend's wedding

nice date huh today..07/08/09. hope all your wishes come true and stay cheerful as you are.

faz is one of my oldest bestfriends and we have been friends for 14 years. we unofficially greeted each other on the bus when we were in standard 1 but only became friends 7 years later as we were not in the same class and seldom bump to each other.

we used to live in the same area (faz actually still lives in SS17) and we did almost everything together. faz, i still remember all the things we did..good things, bad things..i'm just glad to have the opportunity to share all those with you. she was my savior, my shoulder to cry on and also my partner in crime. we drifted apart due to our lives commitments but one thing remains for sure, we know each other by heart. we used to go to each other house and lepak for hours and we talked a lot on the phone too. we talked non stop at school and we never ran out of ideas. we always giggle or laugh for no apparent reason and seldom get into argument and always have same thoughts for everything.

love you to the bits gurl. thanks for everything. hope this year will bring more success, love and happiness. no one knows me like you do and i truly cherish every moment that we have shared. *hugs&kisses*

during my wedding day, erin was not in the pic
faz with my sister and cousin, nana


Fazlynne Majid said...

Hi fiz! thank you sooooo much for this entry! love it! im touched and flattered all the same :) love u very much mwahh!!

raF|za said...

u're welcome dear. hope u had a great one. muah!