Monday, August 31, 2009

break-fast with family

if weekend je normally akan selalu dapat makan sedap sebab my mom or hubby's mom will invite us for lunch/dinner. so sekarang ni puasa, we went to Subang on Friday and PIL house on Saturday. fair la kan? i have the crave for pizza sebenarnye selepas menonton movie n even cartoons pon ada tunjuk orang makan saya terus ckp kat hubby..and being him..bab2 makan ni dia ok he ordered dominos, not 1 but 2 regular pizza..heheh tapi thanks to the coupons too. we all dapat free 1 sebab delivery lambat last time order. order siap2 then left for Bkt Mahkota. owh pizza2 adalah for supper & sahur. this time around, everyone was there. normally just us and hubby's bro with PIL. owh satu incident berlaku which i will remember it forever..takpe lar..let it be a secret..*hush*

melayan mereka sambil berborak with in laws
excuse the hands :P
with sis-in-laws and future-in-law *wink*
alamak sarah tutup mata pulak
l-r: kak johana, aimi, urs truly, kak mas, sarah & mika

happy birthday Malaysia!

Happy 52th birthday Malaysia!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

some shots

here are some latest shots of Mika..ingat nak letak when he turns 9-mth but what the heck..i'll put it now..enjoy!

"look Mommy, i can stand!"
manja pose pulak budak ni..
lalalala.suka nye sampai tutup mata dia
taken on morning before i send him to his sitter
with his teether..owh upper front teeth comin up

Friday, August 28, 2009

Mika got a new shirt

wallpaper tu nak pic Mika je since dah jadi Mommy ni
got this from Ros, a dear colleague of mine. she bought Mika this checkered shirt. elok sangat lar sebab i pon memang tengah cari Mika baju like this. thank you aunty Ros! baju² raya Mika so far ada lar dalam pasang² sampai hubby bising cakap.."perlu ke nak beli lagi?" tapi sebenarnya dia pon excited nak belikan Mika this n that. yer la, first raya for Mika mesti macam nak perfect kan..insyaAllah.

sleepy eyes

ni amik pagi tadi before hantar was raining dan muka dia cam ala² nak tido camtuh..tapi tuh cover jer..dia tak suka pakai snow cap ni..asyik nak bukak jer. ada one time tuh dia berusaha bukak sampai cap tuh jatuh tutup mata dia..owh hujan lebat tapi hubby off day today so takde la susah nak hantar dia..but we seriously need an electric gate..leceh betul time hujan camni..owh i'm so lazy to update ala kadar

Monday, August 24, 2009

2 year, 2 months, 2 weeks & 2 days

Wow, look at the ticker! 2, 2, 2, 2..huhuhuh...

salam Ramadhan

Good Monday everyone! Salam Ramadhan :)

Last Sat & Sun, buka puasa at Subang (mom's cooking the best!). This time, ada additional family member yang sibuk jugak nak berbuka walaupon dah makan sebelum itu (Mika la tuh..) My bro picked me up from PH around 4 on that Sat as last weekend hubby kerja and I’m so lazy to drive sebab nanti after work hubby will join my mom need to trouble yourself, she will ask my dear bro to pick me settle, tak perlu bersusah payah angkat barang here n there sendiri. Spent the night at Subang and first day puasa not too bad seeing that I have to take care of Mika, running around the house and do some house chores..Alhamdulillah..tak la penat tak perlu susah² nak masak ke pergi bazaar ke sebab balik rumah..this is the best part la..if balik rumah tak perlu nak fikir nak makan apa, nak masak apa..all taken care by my mom. she is very good at this :)

Sunday, sahur beramai² juga. Umi masak mee goreng..then I makan 2 slices of bread with rendang ayam..owh I can eat la sahur depends on the place and with whom and of course the food. Then after Subuh, I paksa my son tido coz his mommy wants to sleep and woke up around 8 plus. Fed him bfast and bathed him..nothing much to do sebab puasa + malas nak berguling² dengan Mika, tengok TV lagi best. I don’t know why lar..kalau weekend je sure rasa nak duduk rumah spend time with him. If I go out tuh rasa macam nak cepat² balik je tengok dia..dah ada anak macam time tuh nak spend with him jer..would be great if every weekend hubby could join us.

After berbuka, we headed home and Mika actually dah sleep in the car. Then sampai rumah jer dia macam active semacam..gelak², crawl here n there, letak dia dalam cot dia tak nak sleep, diri duduk diri duduk..nasib tak meragam ke apa..he was just being excited..huhuh..then hubby had to meet up with his friend to take back his guitar yang kawan dia pinjam berkurun lama nye but that time Mika tak sleep lagi (hubby used to have jamming session with his friends, time i pregnant pon sibuk dok main guitar letrik dia sampai i sound² sebab bising sgt and last time kan dok apartment, takut orang complaint ke dah duduk rumah tak nak pulak main..) okok back to the story..So I switched off the lights and put him on the bed with me..tau pulak dia senyap..switch on the air cond and I biar jer dia on the bed while I tengok “The Happening”..he felt asleep not long after too..agaknya dia memang dah ngantuk tapi nak main jer..hubby came back before midnight and around 12 tetiba je Mika nangis..mimpi kot..hubby tried to calm him down tapi I think he needs his mommy terpaksa la I bangun balik and calm him..kejap je senyap..huhuhu..mommy’s boy la Mika ni :P

Friday, August 21, 2009

Ramadhan al-Mubarak

selamat berpuasa semua! be good, be true, don't be naughty, respect the month of Ramadhan nak minta maaf to all if ada i terhurt your feeling with my words yang ntah apa² je kat sini or to those yang i see face to face, if ada i terkasar bahasa or laku..saya minta maaf, yer..happy fasting to all the Muslims out there :)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

mari membaca

Mari membaca bersama Mika
ooo..colours..i like..
what's this thing? hmhm..
okay..moving on to next book
haih..penat lar baca, makan la pulak..
nak rasa sikit jer..

look Mommy, super delicious! yumm yumm


alamak..i sudah buat apa?? what a dumb move eeja..dah tuh no undo button for that..habis la di cop muka tak malu..haish..tapi on the +ve side, i think it's not wrong at tengok jer lar nanti whether people grow up or still living in the past..we'll see :)

Mikhail at 8 months

Mikhail is 8 months today!

Let see his “achievements” at 8 months:
  • He's able to crawl and sit on his own already, Alhamdulillah!
  • Suka pegang benda and try to stand, especially when we put him in the cot
  • Suka "cakap"..his fav word is "ba, ba, ba, ba, ba.." we all macam train dia cakap mommy, daddy but dia asyik sebut tuh jer
  • Suka makan! then tengok orang lain makan pastu buat muka kesian sebab tak dapat makan our food...kena makan Baby Bites dia. i still tak berani nak bagi dia rasa² sangat, takut his tummy tak tahan..if nak bagi pon tgk la yg mana ok dulu
this bib is delicious!
  • I think he likes cat sebab when he sees the cat, dia macam tegur. comel jer..huhuh
  • He loves to stay outdoor sebab boleh tengok macam² and when he's out, he behaves well..senyap jer..senyum pon malu²
nak drivveeee!
sebenarnya mommy yang nak naik swing tuh
  • I love to kiss his tummy sebab dia geli kat situ, sure gelak kuat..kadang² tuh tak kiss lagi dah geli..Mika oh Mika
  • Dah pernah jatuh few times already. Jatuh katil, jatuh walker, jatuh masa nak try duduk and jatuh masa crawling..u are one strong boy Mikhail Haris!
  • Dia suka when we sing, tepuk² tangan..or buat gaya macam "Gong Xi Fa Cai"
  • If I ask him to kiss me, dia gigitttt..bukan kiss okay..then I will say "Good boy!" pastu dia senyum² nampak gigi 2 batang dia tuh
  • His habit now, pegang barang and beware lar if he takes your phone ke..suka je dia baling²
  • Hyper active when mommy and daddy both at home. tak senang duduk kami kena layan dia..takperla, one good exercise for us :P
Happy 8 months old Ahmad Mikhail Haris..
mommy & daddy love always :)

*pics quality kurang sikit sbb upload straight from phone..if i got time, i'll do the long way

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

dream oh dream

I woke up today with a big smile plastered on my face. Had the most wonderful dream ever since God knows when. I used to write about my dreams in my so-called journal the minute I woke up so that I could remember them forever, especially those nice ones :)

I dreamt about me & my gurls were having sort of lunch with Mariah Carey!! In the dream, all of us are still single and we totally enjoyed being around each other. The best part is, MC was with us..hehehe..she is like a good friend of us and we cam whore like nobody business, laughed and joked around a lot. It was fun! Then there was David Cook! He was performing and me being a fanatic fan just sat and watched him performed. I was so focused that I forgot to snap his photo and later regret because I did not have any proof to show to my other friends. He then walked away, took the escalator and just disappeared..hmhmhm..nevertheless, I could feel myself beaming with happiness to see him. Must be one great performance! (guy who can sing+play guitar+good look = cair!)

The dream ended with some weird incidents which I could not remember much except there were 4 people walking in an empty field and they were talking and repeating one after another and I have no idea who they are and what they were talking about. Doesn’t really matter anyway as I know I was having so much fun with my gurls and the 2 celebrities.

What a dream! And now back to reality…
ni la david sister suka lar dia ni
i so so jer but don't know why he appeared in my dream :P
*pic from google*

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Managed to get some of Mika's baju raya including the baju melayu and cute lil sampin to match with but still searching for a songkok for him. hubby got me some baju too and i still have 2 or 3 more items on my list to shop for. our activities for last Saturday were shopping&lunch and we picked up Mika at 3pm from my mom's. thanks Umi for taking care of him.

Mika still got runny nose and i think he got a flu coming so on the way home (kami anak beranak macam ada flu so like the doc said, sorang ada, semua pon mesti’s a package). we brought him to Klinik Kanak-kanak Gan and that was Mika's second visit. Dr Yap said he was a bit warmish and prescribed flu, fever and phlegm medicine. his condition was not that bad so we proceeded to pay my PIL a visit and stayed there till 9. reached home around 10. ke Mika feverish sebab jatuh walker?? huhuhu..dia nak pergi ke the other room and there was a ledge, salah budget kot, then jatuhhh..terkejut kot sampai demam..huhuh..

Mika was feeling much better, Alhamdulillah and we brought him out for some fresh air and also to get us some breakfast. nothing much happen that day. because of the H1N1, we chose not to go to crowded places and stay home instead. i cooked "Ayam Masak Kicap" and fried some bayam/spinach. Simple jer lauk, tapi okayla..janji masak and habis licin.

we watched Shawshank Redemption for the entah berapa kali time and it was raining in the afternoon. Mika sangat tidak boleh duduk diam and ada jer benda dia nak usik. nak tido pon susah budak kecik tuh. around 3 plus, ajak hubby pergi PKNS kejap to change Mika's baju melayu. he could not fit into the below 1 yr old punya size so have to change to a bigger size. i went down alone and they waited in the car and boleh pulak budak kecik tuh tido dalam kereta. bought some pisang goreng and cakoi for our tea. dinner, hubby belikan sate and nasi goreng coz lauk² dah habis and me so lazy want to cook again. Owh, the neighbour on my left dah moved in..bertambah ramai dah orang..seronok!

sebab boleh spend time ngan hubby 2 minggu sekali so we tried to do as many things as we could and appreciate the time we have. kesian kan..orang lain macam every weekend ada activity..but what to is work. hope for better things in future, InsyaAllah.
budak tak boleh duduk diam

Friday, August 14, 2009

bayam ke itu?

tadi pergi pasar malam and did some marketing, beli ayam, ikan and sayur-sayuran konon nak masak on sunday. i nak beli bayam but honestly i don't know how bayam looks like. dah google tapi bile pergi tengok banyak sayur-sayuran kat situ terus cam confuse. takkan nak tanya abang jual tuh.."Abang, mana satu bayam?" kang tak pasal² kena lecture "Awak ni..dah la perempuan, mak orang pulak tuh..bayam pon tak tahu maneee..." so i kept my mouth shut and pretended macam tahu bayam yang mana dan beli. suruh hubby tanyakan i guess dia pon segan tapi kalau lelaki tanya takde la obvious kan?? huhuh..that's why i prefer to do my marketing at supermarket where they got labels on all items. yer la, i jarang ikut my mom pergi market kecik² dulu. if nak ikut, my mom cakap tak perlu lar, kotor la, leceh lar..masak pon my mom prefer to do herself..she prefered me to do something else other than cooking. so ini la so dumb when it come to these things!

after dinner, watched this movie "Yes Man" acted by Jim Carrey. i enjoyed the movie and as usual to know more, just google okay..we try to make Friday night our movie night and yer la sebab tak selalu pergi cinema, so layan jer la movie kat rumah..not bad la with the plasma and speaker and all just need to keep the volume down, kang terkejut pulak anak saya. okay peeps, nite, have a good weekend :)
eh betul la ni bayam..yeay!
*image is from google*

Thursday, August 13, 2009

berdiri di atas kaki sendiri

Mika sekarang dah boleh berdiri..tapi pegang-pegang here n there lar. if letak dalam cot, cepat jer dia diri and if i or daddy dia baring2, dia mesti nak panjat..sungguh penat melayan dia tapi seronok..if he's happy, then i'm happy :)
my cheeky little son..
daddy tengah sibuk snap2 with his iphone
my two heroes!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

bicycle child carrier

i'm thinking of getting a bicycle child carrier. but of course, i need to get the bicycle first. my friend recommended me this one and i too prefer the front facing rather than the rear mounted carrier. you can read the comparison here. it would be nice if i could buy the bicycle+carrier package. can't wait to have one! it would be one good exercise too :)
*pic is taken from the website*

Monday, August 10, 2009

help with baby wearing

hellppp!! i have these 2 items but i just don't know how to use them. saya sangat lemah bila kena belajar through video or arahan bergambar. i need someone to show me on how to use these. macam rugi lar..bought these 2 items but tak guna..*sigh*
i have this one from littlepods
*pic taken from the website*

and also this one..
which i bought online from here
*pic is from google*

Friday, August 7, 2009

happy birthday faz!

HaPpY b|rThDaY FaZ!
pic was taken last yr at a friend's wedding

nice date huh today..07/08/09. hope all your wishes come true and stay cheerful as you are.

faz is one of my oldest bestfriends and we have been friends for 14 years. we unofficially greeted each other on the bus when we were in standard 1 but only became friends 7 years later as we were not in the same class and seldom bump to each other.

we used to live in the same area (faz actually still lives in SS17) and we did almost everything together. faz, i still remember all the things we did..good things, bad things..i'm just glad to have the opportunity to share all those with you. she was my savior, my shoulder to cry on and also my partner in crime. we drifted apart due to our lives commitments but one thing remains for sure, we know each other by heart. we used to go to each other house and lepak for hours and we talked a lot on the phone too. we talked non stop at school and we never ran out of ideas. we always giggle or laugh for no apparent reason and seldom get into argument and always have same thoughts for everything.

love you to the bits gurl. thanks for everything. hope this year will bring more success, love and happiness. no one knows me like you do and i truly cherish every moment that we have shared. *hugs&kisses*

during my wedding day, erin was not in the pic
faz with my sister and cousin, nana

Thursday, August 6, 2009


I had a chat with my ex-colleague yesterday and he told me he is soon to be a daddy. Congratulations to Mr & Mrs S!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I hate it when people tell me what to do and expect me to become the person that I am not
I hate it when people do not understand what I am babbling about and they just do not want to ask “what, why, who, when, whose, which & how” to find out more details
I hate it when people act like they are clever enough in giving me solution to my problem when the truth is they know nothing about it
I hate it when people do not bother to listen to my story instead brag a lot about his/her life and expect me to listen, that is certainly not fair!
I hate it when people do not include me in their conversation when I am just right beside them
I hate it when people expect me to go with their flow when I have my own flow to follow
I hate it when people judge me without getting to know me first
I hate it when people do not RESPECT me as a human being and treat me as if I do not belong to this planet Earth!

Hate is one strong word, I know but..I could not help but HATE all of the above!

women nag because men just don't listen

last night when i was channel surfing, i came across this show, Gugu-gaga Erra and there was one part where Erra briefed her hubby about do’s and don’ts with their baby, her hubby paid no attention at all and it was like “masuk telinga kanan, keluar telinga kiri” and nodded as he understood what Erra just said. Maybe they are just acting or trying to show how typical men are, but it really showed the true side of a man.

Women nag because men just don’t listen, enough said. Men just do not bother to follow the instructions given and this will upset their women hence result to an argument. So who’s fault in the first place? Therefore, I strongly believe men or women they need to pay extra attention when their partners are talking. Try to put yourselves in their shoes and especially for husbands whose wives are also working, please help with the house chores etc if you do not have any maid around. Don't you pity your wives and have no heart at all to see your wives do everything? If you do not know how to do it, please learn. After all, I believe that practice makes perfect. No excuses there. It is very difficult and tiring for working mothers to do everything at one go eg cleaning the house, washing the dishes, cooking and taking care of the child. Maybe husbands can do the easy chores say washing the dishes, put the clothes in washing machine or if you are good in cooking, why not? Your wives will definitely appreciate your help and will nag less, definitely! We now live in modern days and they are no stupid rule that says, "Oh, that's a wife job..a husband cannot do it" If women nowadays can do what men does, it should goes the same to men, don't you think?

I really respect those husbands out there who know just what to do without being told on what to do. Again, this leads to this.

Note to all husbands out there, try to understand your wives better and LISTEN to them, okay? LISTENING IS THE KEY TO EVERYTHING, I seriously mean it.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

saturday's activities

Hubby was up early..biasa la dia, tak tahu la dia buat apa. For me, I need enough sleep so I can go through the day and also sebab saya jarang tido petang. He then went for his road work (jog sekitar taman) and me bawak anak for a breeze walk kat taman. Still early, around 7 so tak panas sangat and just nice lar. Then we got ready to join my family for lunch. Reached Subang at 12, siapkan Mika coz he was asleep when we left so tak nak kacau. Then pushed off to Sg Buloh in 2 cars. Ajoi, my brother joined us sebab he knows the direction and Abah had to go first sebab janji with his Sime Darby friend who will be joining us with his family.

About half an hour drive, we reached our destination (jalan nak pegi sana, tak ingat sangat sebab I was busy entertaining Mika sambil borak²). On the way tuh tengok kiri kanan macam warung² biasa jer and Sg Buloh kan terkenal with banyak la pokok cantik² dan tiba² rasa macam ada idea nak decorate lawn kat rumah tuh. My brother tanya “Kalau makan tempat macam ni macam mana?” I was like biar betul…hari tuh satu office abah pergi all the way from Setapak to Sg Buloh nak makan kat warung tepi jalan macam ni jer? Pastu nak bawak orang Sime Darby tuh lagi..ishh..Tapi I replied tapi macam tak sincere “Okay kot..dah lapar..” then my brother suruh turned left into this large compound and ada macam satu banglo tersergam indah with the deco and all, siap ada fountain lagi..cantik! so that was our destination, De’Chiengmai Thai Seafood Restaurant. Pheww..lega :P nice ambience, nice deco and very clean. Two thumbs up!

So, let the photos do the talking.
2 important guys in my life
but this one absolutely mommy's boy lar
mika with his sleepy eyes..tapi tak sleepy pon
tunggu nak makan ke?

candid shot
haish..mika macam melepak dgn tangan macam tuh
cam whoring in the toilet

i love this pic..
walaupon Mika tengah tarik my hair

mika stole my necklace
balik dah..
Then balik letak Mika kat Subang and hubby and I headed straight to Pyramid. Yeay, dating lagi! Hubby nak pergi Pyramid coz he wanted to get this!
*pic adalah di google*
While waiting for the shop to confirm something with Maxis, we went for a drink at OldTown. Yer, we just came back from lunch but I was still hungry sebab masa lunch tak makan betul². Makan sambil layan Mika memang la I ordered Tuna Toast and hubby watched me eat sambil menggelengkan kepala..huhuh..then I pergi Jusco beli some stuffs for Mika and we went back around 6.

Picked Mika and pergi Silva japs at 15, minum² but time ni Mika macam dah penat sangat..dia tak tido since we left him around 3 I fed him and strapped him in the car seat and terus lelap. We tahpau murtabak ayam and konon nya I don’t want to eat lar sebab kenyang kan..but malam tuh masa tengah layan movie Knowing..makan jugak..pau hubby punya murtabak. Owh movie tuh best, mystery like but both of us were so tired, tak larat nak habiskan masuk bilik & tido..

Tiring day but sangat seronok!

friday night light

I took AL last Friday. Saje, quality time with family :) We brought Mika jalan² to Aquaria, KLCC. Reached there around 10 and headed straight to KL Convention Centre via the tunnel link. Ramai orang sebab we didn’t know ada PC Fair that day/weekend.

on the way to Aquaria

But Aquaria okay jer, just orang ramai nak pergi PC Fair. Sampai Aquaria, I bersemangat nak amik pic etc camera died on me. So I took out my not so berapa N95 and snapped here and there tapi kata no flash inside there, so pic menjadi agak cacat bertambah lagi Mika tak boleh duduk diam..sigh..well..ada la few shots yang okay. Better something than nothing kan. Okay lar the trip, excited nak pergi sebab influence from some bloggers yang dah pergi and brought their kids there. I pon macam excited tengok all the fishes dan lain² animals walaupon some tuh macam weird dan geli (eg snakes, lizards, iguana dan binatang sewaktu dengan nya..) Mika pon agak teruja especially dlm tunnel tuh..dia dok tengok fishes tuh swim sana sini..berpusing kepala dia kiri kanan tengok.


We came out just in time before lunch and terus pergi Kenny Rogers nearby sebab kesian kat Mika, dah lapar. Same goes to the parents lar..left just in time too before orang bertambah ramai..lunch time, Friday..sangat crowded. I hate crowded place..macam lemas. Enochlophobia ker?? Wah, word macam la..i google je.

Makan sambil ketuk² meja

Mika dozed of to sleep right away dalam kereta and bila dia bangun I main² dengan dia and snap some pics of him sebab lately dia suka senyum/gelak sambil tutup mata pastu tunjuk gigi..huhuhuh..

innocent face

cheeky face..senyum tutup mata & wide awake sudah

Balik PH, lepak² and we made a move to Subang around 7. My initial plan is to leave Mika at Subang for the night and spend time with hubby..tapiiii..tak sampai hatiiiii..huwaaaa..macam nanti masa nak tido sure teringat, Mika ok ker, pampers dah tukar ke..Mika minum susu dia ke tak..haishhh..hubby pergi jumpa his friends kejap then waited for hubby to fetch me untuk dinner kat Uptown. Oh my sotong goreng and sweet & sour lala..i miss u guys so much. Last makan before deliver that was like almost 8 mths ago..sangat sedap..hubby tak makan lala tuh, but dia sangat baik hati tolong kutipkan lala for me. total of the sotong goreng, lala and nasi putih is RM26. portion dia okay lar, puas hati.

teh 'o' ais for me, sotong goreng and lala sweet & sour..
sedap sangat!

Reached Subang almost 11 and terus amik Mika..kesian lar jugak sebab kena angkat dia..tapi, I’m just glad he’s with me. After putting Mika to sleep, hubby and me watched Marley & Me..boleh jer orang putih ni buat cerita pasal dog..pastu sedeh pulak. I thought Marley tuh Owen Wilson..rupa² nye anjing..but based on true story okay..then dlm citer tuh couple tuh ada 3 children..and tetiba ktaorg gaks kan if dpt boy, boy and a next one another boy? Only God knows la kan what & when..