Monday, July 27, 2009

weekend update again

Monday is here..again..time is passing by so fast! Last weekend was super duper boring except for Saturday. With hubby working and my mom was out of town, I had no choice than to stay home. At first I thought to go out and do some shopping on Saturday but oh my..I was so lazy and the idea of staying home looked more inviting than driving, find a parking space, pushing the stroller, the crowd and of course packing Mika’s bag and whatnot. Plus my dearest cousin Ellie was around to keep me a company and she arrived around 12 together with lunch! Woohooo!

Since the weather was so hot outside; we drew the curtains, switched on the air-cond and watched a movie instead. At the same time, we have to entertain Mika as this cheeky little guy forgots his nap session as he was too busy playing and loves the attention given so much. Tatie, Ellie’s sister joined us around 2 and they accompanied me till 7. Thank you cousins!

Hubby came home 15 minutes later and I asked hubby to bring me out for dinner, anywhere will do as long as I go out. We had dinner at this mamak at USJ 9 and okay lar, at least I managed to see the other side of the world. Staying home the whole day could be extremely boring okay..

It was raining on Sunday morning and had a relax morning as Mika slept till 8 (he usually wakes up around 6.45 – 7AM). I cooked some nuggets for my breakfast then prepared the ingredients for my chicken soup, cooked rice and boiled some potatoes for Mika. Then I went up and lazed around with Mika, hugging him tight (just like hugging a teddy bear..huhuhu) and also disturbed him lightly so that he wakes up.

Fed him breakfast and while eating, he did his business :P ishhh…Since it was almost 9, I prepared the tub for him to bath and we watched PHDC together (of course, he could not sit still and I have to keep close eyes on him as he is able to climb/stand now) until he felt asleep around 10. He slept for solid 2 hours and that gave me chance to shower, breakfast and cook my chicken soup and also go online. He woke up at 12 something and fed him lunch and washed him up. Again, I asked him to lie down beside me but what do you expect from a 7 month old boy? He is so energetic and curious in exploring the surrounding..I was too tired to handle him and took a quick nap..huhuhu..of course I have to keep myself alert. I don’t know how I did it..nap and also alert at the same time..guess it’s one of the special things given to mothers from Him above, Alhamdulillah.

He dozed off around 3 and took the opportunity to watch How I Met Your Mother, Season 2. I was in the middle of Ep.1 and 30 minutes later, Mika was wide awake! Grrrgrrrr..only 30 minutes?? Put him in the walker as he loves to move around and if I don’t put him in the walker, he will get his hands and clothes dirty. Mika had his long warm bath at 5.30 and to kill the time, I brought him for a walk at the park and waited for hubby to come home. Guess he was exhausted that he went to sleep early around 7pm after I fed him milk. Tugged him nicely under the duvet with the air-cond on. My little boy is just like his daddy, cannot live without an air-cond or fan nearby or else he will be sweating and restless in his sleep.

It is not easy to stay home ALONE with a 7 month old boy. I have to give him full attention and work needs to be put on hold until he is asleep or I have to put him in the walker so he will be close to me. I just hope the next weekend when hubby is not around, I have something to do to kill the time and also someone to accompany me. Really respect those housewives with kids and no helper around, kudos to them.

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