Thursday, July 23, 2009

walker hunting and a fall

yesterday we went out for walker hunting but mission failed. we ended up in Pyramid as we thought Jusco has wide selection of walker but naaahhh..simple designs yet expensive! we went to other shops too but to no success. i still think the ones selling online are okay and there are some not even in the store but you can find it online. you can go to here and also here if you want the affordable local ones. for me, no need lar walker sampai RM200..the one below RM100 will do sebab bukan pakai lama pon kan, as long as the quality is good sudah. we did checked the ones in Tesco but the quality is not good enough. nampak so fragile the walker and with Mika in it..ntah² tak mampu walker tuh nak menampung dia..hehehe

Mika was so excited that he screamed and could not sit still in his stroller. then masa dinner, we put him in the baby chair pon dia pusing sana pusing sini. i gave him something to hold then dia akan bang that thing on the table then throw it away. penat tau mommy kutip barang² Mika..

normally he will doze off in the car but not last night. he wanted to play and now suka sangat buat sembur² tuh balik..banyak kali..non stop! i don't know where he gets all the energy from. finally he dozed off to sleep but only for few minutes sebab dah sampai rumah and have to wake him up. ingat dia nak sambung tido balik lar when we put him in the cot..but NOOoooOo..dia nak main lagi! so i asked his daddy to layan him while i pergi mandi and buat apa² yang patut. at 10, i pulled him near to me and macam biasa..when he's with his mommy, dia boleh je nak tido in seconds.

morning came and i asked his daddy to teman him on the bed while i pergi mandi. then tengah bersiap² i dengar bunyi jatuh..and there he baby dah jatuh!! luckily he felt together with the pillow and on the carpet..tak jatuh kena kepala lar..more like meniarap style. tapi nangis kuat jugak..paling geram hubby ada kat sebelah dia and dia tertido when it happened..sigh. so that was his first time jatuh katil..poor Mika..daddy ni kena pay more attention. see...macam mana nak leavekan Mika with hubby..depan mata pon boleh after this have to be more careful and looks like lambat lagi lar Mika can be alone with hubby..until i trust him which is like not going to happen soon


nazira aziz said...

huaaa siannya Mika! dia ok ke??

raF|za said...

huhuhu..ok sajer..lagi active ada la..nasib ada bantal sume..

Anonymous said...

Oh, raF|za is wright !

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