Sunday, July 5, 2009

there goes my baby's hair

we brought Mika to the barber to get his hair shaved, finally after months of delayed. he behaved so well, did not try to make a move at all. apart of feeling satisfied, there's a tiny part of me that miss the smell of his hair and the way it goes up when it's dry. i called him my lil "rambutan". but now no Mika :)

boleh je duduk diam..amazing!
time ni dia macam senyum..
uncle tengah remove hair from his face
and nah..the outcome :)


Tatie Sharil said...

baiknye mika!

raF|za said...

hehehe..tuh laa..kalau tak, mana nak duduk diam² ni.. :P

Fazlynne Majid said...

chomel la mika potong rambut

raF|za said...

thank God dia boleh duduk diam! kita cam takut jugak dia gerak banyak n terluka ke..hehehe