Tuesday, July 7, 2009

not my imagination

Spent the night alone with Mika last night. Why? Hubby starts his PM shift this week (4 nights this week) and week after (2 nights the week after). The good news is he will be around on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Was thinking of going back to Subang but I was plain lazy to pack and to wake up early next morning for the Subang-Putra Heights-Cyber trip so I chose to stay home instead. Umi insisted to come just to check on us as she thought we are going to spend the night at Subang and not in PH. She packed dinner from home with my favourite dish “Daging Masak Kicap”. Yeay! My parents arrived with Zira around 7PM. They stayed till 8.30PM and while they were there, I took the opportunity to wash Mika’s clothes as the clothes need to be hanged outside. By 9PM after they left, I was already in my room with lil Mika sleeping beside me and me trying to watch How I Met Your Mother (I only start to follow this HIMYM last Friday and almost finish the 1st season. The story line is funny and it sort of similar to F.R.I.E.N.D.S but nothing can beat F.R.I.E.N.D.S of course). Star World is showing the latest season I think so I did not really pay attention to it and continue YM with hubby & FaceBooking.

After few minutes, I heard the neighbour’s dog barked and so I thought..the dog always bark..so what rite..then suddenly I heard another bark and the sound was coming right from my porch! I peeked through the window and there it was…a medium sized brown dog! I think it got its collar on and so I called hubby asking him to come home to shoo the dog away (yes, I was that hopeless & desperate to ask hubby to come home just for that). But before he does that, I wanted to be sure so I went downstairs and checked through the 3 sliding doors..the dining hall, the side and the main hall sliding doors ( I have 3 sliding doors and no window!) Tadaaa…the dog is gone!! I even checked under my car to see if the dog is hiding underneath but he was no where to be found! I did not dare to open the wooden door, I just peeked through the sliding doors (suddenly the images of the scary virus infected dogs in I AM LEGEND came into my mind..what if it suddenly bangs the sliding doors and the main door..how am I gonna escape..aaaa..scary!). Could it be the dog was hiding and is it a blindspot or something that I could not see it?? The gate is closed and the walls are quite high. Even with the gate is closed, the spaces between the gates are so tiny and it’s IMPOSSIBLE for the dog that size to go through it. Our housing area has this underground drainage system then how did it let itself out OR in the first place?? OMG..all the questions are left unanswered. Mind you I was not hallucinating okay..I knew what I saw.

I only managed to sleep at midnight and at 4, Mika was wide awake playing with the air-cond remote and his pacifier. I checked on him and he was wet. Got his diaper & PJ changed and fed him and we fall asleep minutes after that. Woke up quietly around 6.45AM with hope Mika is still sleeping so I can quickly go shower. As I was making my way out of the bed, he turned and smiled and was awake! I left him in the cot and had my shower and while getting ready to work, I gave him Baby Bites for him to munch and put him in the Bumbo with the PHDC channel on. Owh, he is able to munch now because he has 2 bottom teeth already! Alhamdulillah.

I waited for hubby to return before I leave for work as I was still afraid to open the door, in case the brown dog is still there. Well, whatever it is, I’m sure the dog means no harm. He was lost and yes, miracles do happen. So let it be, Eeja..

On the other hand, I feel bad for Mika. He was acting to no good like being cranky and wanted to be carried while I was rushing for work. He cried when I put him down on the bed..then I pat his bottom and kind of raised my voice instructing him to stop crying. Actually his daddy was holding him that time but maybe he knew I was angry at him, he just ignored me after that. On the way to his sitter’s house, he sat quietly in his car seat and put on a sulky face. After handing him over to his sitter, he did not look at me like he usually does. Anak mommy ni dah pandai merajuk ke? Nanti mommy make up to you okay..whatever it is, you know I love you kan..so much!

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