Tuesday, July 14, 2009

don't blame the kids, blame the parents instead

If the kids are well behaved and very discipline, you should praise the parents for giving them a great lesson. I believe we should start disciplining our kids from young. Not in a fierce way but FIRM. NO means NO and if they really want something, of course we can give that something to them but we need something in return too :)

My parents are perfect example. My siblings and I were taught on never to leave unwashed dishes in the sink, never to lay our clothes everywhere, never to leave our used cups, plates, spoons etc (especially with leftover in it) overnight, we were taught on how to make our own beds every morning, clean our rooms frequently and ensure that everything is in place. That is why I am very fussy when it come to all these. Even my sister who may be lazy in other things (hahaha..sorry dut!) but not these things. She manages to do all these without being told except for the clean the room thing :P My brother being a guy is not too bad too. Mind you we are not perfectionists or anything, we just taught to be that way and of course there were times when we just don't feel like doing all those things but we know our limits. As we grow older, we know what we should and should not do without having to trouble other people.

The reason why I’m writing this, I think parents play the main role in developing their kids. If the kids grow up to be lazy and not discipline enough, I guess we should not blame the children at all instead we MUST blame the parents. I’m not a perfect parent and there’s so much for me to learn but I will try my very best not to spoil my kid so in future he will not burden anyone else. I will remind him not to follow any bad examples (there are already some now *sigh*) and InsyaAllah, he will grow up to be a decent man. Just my 2 cents.

Note: This entry was not intentionally posted to hurt any feelings out there. If I do have hurt any, I truly am sorry. Just feel that I should let it out and boy, what a relief!