Thursday, July 23, 2009

check up & 1st dose of pneumococcal jab

Mika was scheduled for his 1st pneumococcal jab yesterday. We were supposed to immunize him when he turned 4 months but he felt sick on that particular day so we decided to finish all the compulsory immunizations first then only take the optional ones. This time around, hubby fetched Mika first then headed straight to my office. My colleagues wanted to see Mika but he was sleeping and did not get the chance to hold him. Next time okay?

Our appointment was scheduled at 3.30PM and there were 3 patients before us. Usual routine, nurse will take Mika’s weight (his current weight is 10kg, 9.7kg to be exact) and we spent 15 – 20mins waiting which was bearable and this is one thing I like about CAMC minus the cahier part (only 1 counter opened to cater all the patients?!). Paed said Mika is doing well and still at above average level which is okay and we got our queries answered and Mika got his jab. No 6 month old patient anymore, she now refers Mika as her 1 yr old patient. Mika behaved well except for the crying bit which only lasted for few seconds and his habit to put everything in his mouth including the Paed’s fingers! Mika oh Mika..

still blur, just woke up from sleep
After paying, we went to MyDear Warehouse to get the walker. We decided to buy it from there as we can choose straight from the catalog and almost all types are available. We even got the factory price and okay lar..sort of like 10% discount. For dinner, we had Nando's at IOI Mall.

at Nando's

love the straw so much, eh?

Reached home around 6, hubby bathed Mika and we tried to put him to sleep after giving him one shot of fever medicine (just in case he falls sick after the jab) but he wanted to play and only slept at 9 after I switched off the TV and turned off the light. What a day!

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