Monday, July 6, 2009

Bkt Mahkota & Alamanda outing

we went to visit Mika's grandparents from daddy's side at Bkt Mahkota last Saturday. had lunch there and stayed till 6pm. after the filling lunch, us 'anak beranak' fall asleep and when we woke up, it was already half past 4. i've made rice porridge + carrot for Mika the night before and i think he loved it. then we got ourselves ready as the next stop would be Alamanda (it's the nearest place and sort of on the way home) for dinner and also to show Mika the fountain there. we don't get the chance to spend the weekend together every weekend (due to hubby's shift) therefore have to make the full use of it when we could. i don't really mind as long as the weekend when hubby works, my family is around so i can just go back to subang:) here are some pics..enjoy!

Mika sleeping in his Maxi-Cosi
My boy with his "guitar"
Uncle Isa (hubby's brother) in the background

at Alamanda

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