Tuesday, July 21, 2009

another weekend has gone by

I am so lazy to update..another weekend has gone by? Macam baru jer lagi update for last last weekend..cepat nye! Nothing much happened last weekend. Stayed home on Saturday sebab anak saya selsema. So we thought nak bagi dia rest well and hope for speedy recovery. Alhamdulillah, he’s better now. Anway, sebab bosan terlampau duduk rumah and believe me, Saturday evening at Putra Heights sangat lar boring and tengok Mika macam dah ok skit so we went out for dinner & also to buy some of Mika’s stuffs. First ingat nak pergi SS2 tapi jauh pulak, end up pergi Summit..sebab ada Babyland. We had Tenpayaki for dinner but I only ate 3-4 suap jer. Don’t know why no appetite for these few days. As usual, hubby tolong habiskan.

Sampai rumah then put Mika to bed and we watched this movie called He’s Just Not That Into You (so happy sebab if tengok movie selalu mesti layan hubby punya taste..but not that night) Banyak popular casts in this movie. Ben Affleck, Jennifer Anniston, Scarlett Jo, Jennifer Connelly, Drew Barrymore, Justin Long to name a few (hubby agreed to watch pon sebab ada Scarlett Jo ni..ntah wat²). Okay lar the movie, a must watch movie with your spouse. Tak nak elaborate banyak..you can google it to know more.

Sunday, we went to Bkt Mahkota. Had breakfast & lunch there and on the way back, we thought of checking out Mika’s walker but it was raining heavily so we headed home instead. Reached home, kami anak beranak lepak² depan TV. Mika sangat hyper, gerak sana sini..panjat on his daddy and pantang nampak laptop. Mesti nak pegang² tekan² macam faham. He could see the laptop even if we put it jauh atas table. Automatically he will go straight to the table and cuba panjat to grab the laptop. Then tea time we brought Mika to a nearby mamak. Then pergi jalan² dekat park. Around 6, my parents dropped by with dinner and Mika was excited again to see so many people around. He got to see both his grandparents today and we also got to see our parents (ayat macam tidak ada motif). That’s all for last weekend. Macam boring kan..well I’m just glad to be able to spend it with my family. With hubby working shift and only available on alternate weekend, that was more than enough.

here are some pics taken on Sunday evening..bermalasan di rumah (pls ignore the sepah² in the background) and then jalan² dekat park

Mika concentrate dapat laptop
macam faham jer dia
his O O face..hah, ape Mika dah buat?
nothing Mommy, i'm innocent
with daddy
with mommy pulak


Fazlynne Majid said...

mika i soooooo adorable!!

raF|za said...

faz bile nak dtg visit kta kat putra heights? :D miss u babe

Anonymous said...

your blog is good,
I like you!

raF|za said...

wholesaler: thank you :)