Friday, July 10, 2009

2 hours later

I managed to book an appointment with the oh-so-famous Dr Chua at his dental clinic, Subang Parade yesterday (appointment was made about a month ago & luckily there was one available slot last week). Went there after work but before that dropped Mika at my mum’s. Did my scaling, polishing & waxing and the bill came up to RM150 which I think was While waiting for hubby to pick me up, I did a quick shopping for myself and Mika. I managed to get a basic grey tee for me and 2 shirts for Mika. Walked to Carrefour as we wanted to buy something there and as I was about to cross the road, hubby was already waiting for me across the road smiling sheepishly at me. what's so funny?? (owh, he parked the car at Carrefour) :)
Around 8, returned to Subang and I had a shower first, dinner and then left around 9. Reached home almost 10 and was so tired and my head was thinking of jumping straight to the bed but knowing me and now a Mommy (life is never this hectic before..huhuhuh), there are so many things to settle for before calling it a night. I have to pack Mika’s bag, clean the kitchen (actually not much cleaning to be done just that I love to keep things in place), prepare Mika’s milk and soak Mika’s clothes (we have this rule, that during hubby’s off day, he will need to wash Mika’s clothes and vice versa) and luckily that day was his off day so one burden off. Dear Mika was wide awake when I wanted to sleep. He wanted to play and sit with us on the bed. I tried to switch off the light and pretended to sleep but I could hear he was shuffling and moving around in the cot. So I put him beside me and within few minutes, he was asleep. Mommy’s boy loves to be cuddled, huh? Finally only by midnight I managed to doze off which was 2 hours later..a sacrifice to be made when you are a MOM..regret? no wayyyy!

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