Monday, July 27, 2009

weekend update again

Monday is here..again..time is passing by so fast! Last weekend was super duper boring except for Saturday. With hubby working and my mom was out of town, I had no choice than to stay home. At first I thought to go out and do some shopping on Saturday but oh my..I was so lazy and the idea of staying home looked more inviting than driving, find a parking space, pushing the stroller, the crowd and of course packing Mika’s bag and whatnot. Plus my dearest cousin Ellie was around to keep me a company and she arrived around 12 together with lunch! Woohooo!

Since the weather was so hot outside; we drew the curtains, switched on the air-cond and watched a movie instead. At the same time, we have to entertain Mika as this cheeky little guy forgots his nap session as he was too busy playing and loves the attention given so much. Tatie, Ellie’s sister joined us around 2 and they accompanied me till 7. Thank you cousins!

Hubby came home 15 minutes later and I asked hubby to bring me out for dinner, anywhere will do as long as I go out. We had dinner at this mamak at USJ 9 and okay lar, at least I managed to see the other side of the world. Staying home the whole day could be extremely boring okay..

It was raining on Sunday morning and had a relax morning as Mika slept till 8 (he usually wakes up around 6.45 – 7AM). I cooked some nuggets for my breakfast then prepared the ingredients for my chicken soup, cooked rice and boiled some potatoes for Mika. Then I went up and lazed around with Mika, hugging him tight (just like hugging a teddy bear..huhuhu) and also disturbed him lightly so that he wakes up.

Fed him breakfast and while eating, he did his business :P ishhh…Since it was almost 9, I prepared the tub for him to bath and we watched PHDC together (of course, he could not sit still and I have to keep close eyes on him as he is able to climb/stand now) until he felt asleep around 10. He slept for solid 2 hours and that gave me chance to shower, breakfast and cook my chicken soup and also go online. He woke up at 12 something and fed him lunch and washed him up. Again, I asked him to lie down beside me but what do you expect from a 7 month old boy? He is so energetic and curious in exploring the surrounding..I was too tired to handle him and took a quick nap..huhuhu..of course I have to keep myself alert. I don’t know how I did it..nap and also alert at the same time..guess it’s one of the special things given to mothers from Him above, Alhamdulillah.

He dozed off around 3 and took the opportunity to watch How I Met Your Mother, Season 2. I was in the middle of Ep.1 and 30 minutes later, Mika was wide awake! Grrrgrrrr..only 30 minutes?? Put him in the walker as he loves to move around and if I don’t put him in the walker, he will get his hands and clothes dirty. Mika had his long warm bath at 5.30 and to kill the time, I brought him for a walk at the park and waited for hubby to come home. Guess he was exhausted that he went to sleep early around 7pm after I fed him milk. Tugged him nicely under the duvet with the air-cond on. My little boy is just like his daddy, cannot live without an air-cond or fan nearby or else he will be sweating and restless in his sleep.

It is not easy to stay home ALONE with a 7 month old boy. I have to give him full attention and work needs to be put on hold until he is asleep or I have to put him in the walker so he will be close to me. I just hope the next weekend when hubby is not around, I have something to do to kill the time and also someone to accompany me. Really respect those housewives with kids and no helper around, kudos to them.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

check up & 1st dose of pneumococcal jab

Mika was scheduled for his 1st pneumococcal jab yesterday. We were supposed to immunize him when he turned 4 months but he felt sick on that particular day so we decided to finish all the compulsory immunizations first then only take the optional ones. This time around, hubby fetched Mika first then headed straight to my office. My colleagues wanted to see Mika but he was sleeping and did not get the chance to hold him. Next time okay?

Our appointment was scheduled at 3.30PM and there were 3 patients before us. Usual routine, nurse will take Mika’s weight (his current weight is 10kg, 9.7kg to be exact) and we spent 15 – 20mins waiting which was bearable and this is one thing I like about CAMC minus the cahier part (only 1 counter opened to cater all the patients?!). Paed said Mika is doing well and still at above average level which is okay and we got our queries answered and Mika got his jab. No 6 month old patient anymore, she now refers Mika as her 1 yr old patient. Mika behaved well except for the crying bit which only lasted for few seconds and his habit to put everything in his mouth including the Paed’s fingers! Mika oh Mika..

still blur, just woke up from sleep
After paying, we went to MyDear Warehouse to get the walker. We decided to buy it from there as we can choose straight from the catalog and almost all types are available. We even got the factory price and okay lar..sort of like 10% discount. For dinner, we had Nando's at IOI Mall.

at Nando's

love the straw so much, eh?

Reached home around 6, hubby bathed Mika and we tried to put him to sleep after giving him one shot of fever medicine (just in case he falls sick after the jab) but he wanted to play and only slept at 9 after I switched off the TV and turned off the light. What a day!

Pak Aji Mika in the house

This photo was taken one morning before I left for work. Mika as usual dah hyper active pagi². Saja jer letak this pic sebab dia pakai kopiah pak aji :)

walker hunting and a fall

yesterday we went out for walker hunting but mission failed. we ended up in Pyramid as we thought Jusco has wide selection of walker but naaahhh..simple designs yet expensive! we went to other shops too but to no success. i still think the ones selling online are okay and there are some not even in the store but you can find it online. you can go to here and also here if you want the affordable local ones. for me, no need lar walker sampai RM200..the one below RM100 will do sebab bukan pakai lama pon kan, as long as the quality is good sudah. we did checked the ones in Tesco but the quality is not good enough. nampak so fragile the walker and with Mika in it..ntah² tak mampu walker tuh nak menampung dia..hehehe

Mika was so excited that he screamed and could not sit still in his stroller. then masa dinner, we put him in the baby chair pon dia pusing sana pusing sini. i gave him something to hold then dia akan bang that thing on the table then throw it away. penat tau mommy kutip barang² Mika..

normally he will doze off in the car but not last night. he wanted to play and now suka sangat buat sembur² tuh balik..banyak kali..non stop! i don't know where he gets all the energy from. finally he dozed off to sleep but only for few minutes sebab dah sampai rumah and have to wake him up. ingat dia nak sambung tido balik lar when we put him in the cot..but NOOoooOo..dia nak main lagi! so i asked his daddy to layan him while i pergi mandi and buat apa² yang patut. at 10, i pulled him near to me and macam biasa..when he's with his mommy, dia boleh je nak tido in seconds.

morning came and i asked his daddy to teman him on the bed while i pergi mandi. then tengah bersiap² i dengar bunyi jatuh..and there he baby dah jatuh!! luckily he felt together with the pillow and on the carpet..tak jatuh kena kepala lar..more like meniarap style. tapi nangis kuat jugak..paling geram hubby ada kat sebelah dia and dia tertido when it happened..sigh. so that was his first time jatuh katil..poor Mika..daddy ni kena pay more attention. see...macam mana nak leavekan Mika with hubby..depan mata pon boleh after this have to be more careful and looks like lambat lagi lar Mika can be alone with hubby..until i trust him which is like not going to happen soon

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

another weekend has gone by

I am so lazy to update..another weekend has gone by? Macam baru jer lagi update for last last weekend..cepat nye! Nothing much happened last weekend. Stayed home on Saturday sebab anak saya selsema. So we thought nak bagi dia rest well and hope for speedy recovery. Alhamdulillah, he’s better now. Anway, sebab bosan terlampau duduk rumah and believe me, Saturday evening at Putra Heights sangat lar boring and tengok Mika macam dah ok skit so we went out for dinner & also to buy some of Mika’s stuffs. First ingat nak pergi SS2 tapi jauh pulak, end up pergi Summit..sebab ada Babyland. We had Tenpayaki for dinner but I only ate 3-4 suap jer. Don’t know why no appetite for these few days. As usual, hubby tolong habiskan.

Sampai rumah then put Mika to bed and we watched this movie called He’s Just Not That Into You (so happy sebab if tengok movie selalu mesti layan hubby punya taste..but not that night) Banyak popular casts in this movie. Ben Affleck, Jennifer Anniston, Scarlett Jo, Jennifer Connelly, Drew Barrymore, Justin Long to name a few (hubby agreed to watch pon sebab ada Scarlett Jo ni..ntah wat²). Okay lar the movie, a must watch movie with your spouse. Tak nak elaborate can google it to know more.

Sunday, we went to Bkt Mahkota. Had breakfast & lunch there and on the way back, we thought of checking out Mika’s walker but it was raining heavily so we headed home instead. Reached home, kami anak beranak lepak² depan TV. Mika sangat hyper, gerak sana sini..panjat on his daddy and pantang nampak laptop. Mesti nak pegang² tekan² macam faham. He could see the laptop even if we put it jauh atas table. Automatically he will go straight to the table and cuba panjat to grab the laptop. Then tea time we brought Mika to a nearby mamak. Then pergi jalan² dekat park. Around 6, my parents dropped by with dinner and Mika was excited again to see so many people around. He got to see both his grandparents today and we also got to see our parents (ayat macam tidak ada motif). That’s all for last weekend. Macam boring kan..well I’m just glad to be able to spend it with my family. With hubby working shift and only available on alternate weekend, that was more than enough.

here are some pics taken on Sunday evening..bermalasan di rumah (pls ignore the sepah² in the background) and then jalan² dekat park

Mika concentrate dapat laptop
macam faham jer dia
his O O face..hah, ape Mika dah buat?
nothing Mommy, i'm innocent
with daddy
with mommy pulak

Monday, July 20, 2009

Mikhail at 7 months

Mikhail is 7 months today!

Let see his “achievements” at 7 months:
  • He’s still in the mengesot-trying-to-crawl-sit stage. Don’t know which one he’ll able to do first
  • He can now move very fast and you need to keep an eye on him always. He could move from one place to another in seconds and really loves to explore every single thing on the way
  • Suka main cak².. normally this game main around the sofa.
  • Dah pandai panjat² badan orang and that day dia panjat keluar from his cot..luckily we were around. So we have to pull the other side up
  • Dah ada 2 batang gigi kat bawah
  • He loves the Mickey Mouse Hotdog dance so much, mata fix on the TV if that song keluar then senyum sorang²
  • Addicted to laptop..still..huhuhu
  • Macam lebih prefer daddy from mommy dah..sebab he knows daddy suka bawak dia jalan²..tapi time nak manja² or if he wants comfort or nak sleep, guess he still prefers me..
  • Dah pandai bukak tutup tangan macam buat bye-bye if we ask him to..tapi tengok mood gaks
  • Owh sangat pandai buat² nangis if orang tak nak angkat dia
  • Boleh duduk without support..meaning if duduk dalam baby chair tuh dah stable lar, takder la nak jatuh ke apa
  • Suka pukul² meja or bang his toys dekat lantai or any surface yang ada bunyi² when he does that
  • Tak boleh duduk diam bila nak pakai kan dia baju or pampers! Really testing my patience Ahmad Mikhail Haris. so bila daddy is around, I pass this over to him
  • Tak boleh duduk diam tuh apply to every single minute betul..macam video di bawah

if u watch carefully, nanti bila Mika dengar suara daddy dia,
u could see that he sangat la excited

listening to the rythm of the falling rain..

Happy 7 months old Ahmad Mikhail Haris..
mommy & daddy love always :)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

weekend update

Sungguh malas nak buat kerja..tapi macam rajin nak I haven’t got the chance to summarise what I did during the weekend here goes:

Went back to Subang after work to spend 3 nights there (hubby was on PM-Weekend shift :( ). Actually was not that sad pon as duduk Subang macam okay..senang nak makan, senang nak pegi mana² and hubby pon akan stay okay lar..Cuma kena tumpang bilik my brother as I don’t dare to sleep downstairs alone with Mika (ke sebab takde air cond and Astro..huhuhu) Downstairs for my mom’s house is at the basement. Basement floor ada study/working area, a guest room and an attached bathroom, store room, another room where my mom put old books, magazines, albums, vcds, cds, cassettes etc and ada exit belakang and not to forget tempat tidur Fluffy di luar. Ground level ada main entrance, kitchen, living room, dining hall, tv room and top floor 3 bedrooms and one hall. My anak bujang sudah pandai main lompat². He not only loves to stand, but he loves to jump! Patah la tangan Mommy canni

Woke up at 7 (yeay dapat tidur lama sikit sebab Mika overslept!) and sedar pon sebab hubby call cakap on the way back and tanya if I want anything for breakfast. Then fed Mika..I try bagi dia makan Oats & Prune and I put a little bit of banana..and he loves it. Habis satu bowl. Sukanye tengok dia selera nak makan. Then I got ready to go to the post office to renew my road tax. Umi cakap post office open at 8.30AM so by 8.45 I dah sampai. Tunggu² tak bukak pon then I thought I baca dia bukak at 8.30AM so I just waited sambil ditemani Ah Soh yang friendly..borak² with her and till 9.10AM still tak bukak. Then tengok notice board cakap I had breakfast first..owh alone tau..dah lama tak makan sorang² ni. Had fried rice and baca online news. 9.30AM post office open and I was the 4th person I think. Everything went smooth and by 10 I was already at home. Sampai je rumah Mika automatically terjaga from his nap. Before that elok je dia tido. Then bathed and played with him sambil layan TV sampai I pon tertido sekali..nothing much lar on Saturday..biasa la if hubby kerja, it will be a quiet weekend for me but quality time with my baby and family.

Pergi breakfast with hubby and son at Darus, ss15. Ada incident lucu berlaku di sini. My son banyak² benda dia takut orang pakai topi and orang pakai kopiah (owh, MIL pon dia takut..tak tahu la kenapa). Mamak kat Darus ni kenal ngan my hubby. Yer la..asyik² muka sama je lepak situ I think mamak ni geram kat my son dia dukung my son..memula I nak apa ni amik anak orang tapi dia tak bawak mana pon..dia just dukung then mamak ni pakai topi putih..too bad lar kan bile my son nampak terus meraung kat situ..mamak ni pon panic pass balik kat my hubby. Then still dia meraung..i amik la dia..then I try comfort dia sambil tuh dengar la ada orang lain pon tengah try nak comfort dia gaks tapi dia tak nak senyap langsung..lagi nangis..o o big mistake. I toleh..alamak..pakcik 2 orang duduk meja belakang I ni pakai kopiah putih…no wonder laaa dia nangis lagi! Huhuhuh..lucu la Mika ni..ape dia takut sangat pon tak tahu..tapi after a while dia okay dah and he too had his breakfast. I gave him Farley rusks to munch on.

budak kecik dah senyap dapat makan Farley rusks
nak minum air pulak dia..
so daddy helped to feed him

Petang tak buat apa sangat pon..lepak² layan Mika, layan TV and before I sedar dah malam.

Best duduk Subang tak perlu fikir nak makan apa and takde la penat sangat sebab ramai nak tolong jaga Mika. Free la mommy Mika nak guling² dan bermalasan tanpa perlu memikirkan nak prepare ape for lunch or dinner and whatsoever :P

So itu sahajala cerita weekend saya..and now back to work!! Shooooh Eeja


i want to eat this meehoon! haven't found anything as tasty as this till now. been searching for it for 24 years. sigh..this picture was taken when I was 4 years old. my mom always tahpau this meehoon from her workplace and i will have this and nothing else for dinner. still remember the taste..YUMMY!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

don't blame the kids, blame the parents instead

If the kids are well behaved and very discipline, you should praise the parents for giving them a great lesson. I believe we should start disciplining our kids from young. Not in a fierce way but FIRM. NO means NO and if they really want something, of course we can give that something to them but we need something in return too :)

My parents are perfect example. My siblings and I were taught on never to leave unwashed dishes in the sink, never to lay our clothes everywhere, never to leave our used cups, plates, spoons etc (especially with leftover in it) overnight, we were taught on how to make our own beds every morning, clean our rooms frequently and ensure that everything is in place. That is why I am very fussy when it come to all these. Even my sister who may be lazy in other things (hahaha..sorry dut!) but not these things. She manages to do all these without being told except for the clean the room thing :P My brother being a guy is not too bad too. Mind you we are not perfectionists or anything, we just taught to be that way and of course there were times when we just don't feel like doing all those things but we know our limits. As we grow older, we know what we should and should not do without having to trouble other people.

The reason why I’m writing this, I think parents play the main role in developing their kids. If the kids grow up to be lazy and not discipline enough, I guess we should not blame the children at all instead we MUST blame the parents. I’m not a perfect parent and there’s so much for me to learn but I will try my very best not to spoil my kid so in future he will not burden anyone else. I will remind him not to follow any bad examples (there are already some now *sigh*) and InsyaAllah, he will grow up to be a decent man. Just my 2 cents.

Note: This entry was not intentionally posted to hurt any feelings out there. If I do have hurt any, I truly am sorry. Just feel that I should let it out and boy, what a relief!

Friday, July 10, 2009

2 hours later

I managed to book an appointment with the oh-so-famous Dr Chua at his dental clinic, Subang Parade yesterday (appointment was made about a month ago & luckily there was one available slot last week). Went there after work but before that dropped Mika at my mum’s. Did my scaling, polishing & waxing and the bill came up to RM150 which I think was While waiting for hubby to pick me up, I did a quick shopping for myself and Mika. I managed to get a basic grey tee for me and 2 shirts for Mika. Walked to Carrefour as we wanted to buy something there and as I was about to cross the road, hubby was already waiting for me across the road smiling sheepishly at me. what's so funny?? (owh, he parked the car at Carrefour) :)
Around 8, returned to Subang and I had a shower first, dinner and then left around 9. Reached home almost 10 and was so tired and my head was thinking of jumping straight to the bed but knowing me and now a Mommy (life is never this hectic before..huhuhuh), there are so many things to settle for before calling it a night. I have to pack Mika’s bag, clean the kitchen (actually not much cleaning to be done just that I love to keep things in place), prepare Mika’s milk and soak Mika’s clothes (we have this rule, that during hubby’s off day, he will need to wash Mika’s clothes and vice versa) and luckily that day was his off day so one burden off. Dear Mika was wide awake when I wanted to sleep. He wanted to play and sit with us on the bed. I tried to switch off the light and pretended to sleep but I could hear he was shuffling and moving around in the cot. So I put him beside me and within few minutes, he was asleep. Mommy’s boy loves to be cuddled, huh? Finally only by midnight I managed to doze off which was 2 hours later..a sacrifice to be made when you are a MOM..regret? no wayyyy!


as you can see, i've changed my layout. decided to go for something simple and basic. tengok la if ada mood, i'll try to use different approach pulak. today is friday but it's super duper sux at work. just don't want to talk bout it here.

on a lighter note, i will be going back to Subang tonight. will be spending 3 nights there. hope to have a good weekend.

take care everyone, have a good weekend :)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

vacation please

I need a vacation..don’t care to where. Tapi mesti la nak tempat best kan..and by vacation I mean no disturbance from anyone we know boleh?
So hubby, ape delay² lagi ni? Ramadhan is approaching! Cepat lar..

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

not my imagination

Spent the night alone with Mika last night. Why? Hubby starts his PM shift this week (4 nights this week) and week after (2 nights the week after). The good news is he will be around on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Was thinking of going back to Subang but I was plain lazy to pack and to wake up early next morning for the Subang-Putra Heights-Cyber trip so I chose to stay home instead. Umi insisted to come just to check on us as she thought we are going to spend the night at Subang and not in PH. She packed dinner from home with my favourite dish “Daging Masak Kicap”. Yeay! My parents arrived with Zira around 7PM. They stayed till 8.30PM and while they were there, I took the opportunity to wash Mika’s clothes as the clothes need to be hanged outside. By 9PM after they left, I was already in my room with lil Mika sleeping beside me and me trying to watch How I Met Your Mother (I only start to follow this HIMYM last Friday and almost finish the 1st season. The story line is funny and it sort of similar to F.R.I.E.N.D.S but nothing can beat F.R.I.E.N.D.S of course). Star World is showing the latest season I think so I did not really pay attention to it and continue YM with hubby & FaceBooking.

After few minutes, I heard the neighbour’s dog barked and so I thought..the dog always what rite..then suddenly I heard another bark and the sound was coming right from my porch! I peeked through the window and there it was…a medium sized brown dog! I think it got its collar on and so I called hubby asking him to come home to shoo the dog away (yes, I was that hopeless & desperate to ask hubby to come home just for that). But before he does that, I wanted to be sure so I went downstairs and checked through the 3 sliding doors..the dining hall, the side and the main hall sliding doors ( I have 3 sliding doors and no window!) Tadaaa…the dog is gone!! I even checked under my car to see if the dog is hiding underneath but he was no where to be found! I did not dare to open the wooden door, I just peeked through the sliding doors (suddenly the images of the scary virus infected dogs in I AM LEGEND came into my mind..what if it suddenly bangs the sliding doors and the main am I gonna escape..aaaa..scary!). Could it be the dog was hiding and is it a blindspot or something that I could not see it?? The gate is closed and the walls are quite high. Even with the gate is closed, the spaces between the gates are so tiny and it’s IMPOSSIBLE for the dog that size to go through it. Our housing area has this underground drainage system then how did it let itself out OR in the first place?? OMG..all the questions are left unanswered. Mind you I was not hallucinating okay..I knew what I saw.

I only managed to sleep at midnight and at 4, Mika was wide awake playing with the air-cond remote and his pacifier. I checked on him and he was wet. Got his diaper & PJ changed and fed him and we fall asleep minutes after that. Woke up quietly around 6.45AM with hope Mika is still sleeping so I can quickly go shower. As I was making my way out of the bed, he turned and smiled and was awake! I left him in the cot and had my shower and while getting ready to work, I gave him Baby Bites for him to munch and put him in the Bumbo with the PHDC channel on. Owh, he is able to munch now because he has 2 bottom teeth already! Alhamdulillah.

I waited for hubby to return before I leave for work as I was still afraid to open the door, in case the brown dog is still there. Well, whatever it is, I’m sure the dog means no harm. He was lost and yes, miracles do happen. So let it be, Eeja..

On the other hand, I feel bad for Mika. He was acting to no good like being cranky and wanted to be carried while I was rushing for work. He cried when I put him down on the bed..then I pat his bottom and kind of raised my voice instructing him to stop crying. Actually his daddy was holding him that time but maybe he knew I was angry at him, he just ignored me after that. On the way to his sitter’s house, he sat quietly in his car seat and put on a sulky face. After handing him over to his sitter, he did not look at me like he usually does. Anak mommy ni dah pandai merajuk ke? Nanti mommy make up to you okay..whatever it is, you know I love you much!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Bkt Mahkota & Alamanda outing

we went to visit Mika's grandparents from daddy's side at Bkt Mahkota last Saturday. had lunch there and stayed till 6pm. after the filling lunch, us 'anak beranak' fall asleep and when we woke up, it was already half past 4. i've made rice porridge + carrot for Mika the night before and i think he loved it. then we got ourselves ready as the next stop would be Alamanda (it's the nearest place and sort of on the way home) for dinner and also to show Mika the fountain there. we don't get the chance to spend the weekend together every weekend (due to hubby's shift) therefore have to make the full use of it when we could. i don't really mind as long as the weekend when hubby works, my family is around so i can just go back to subang:) here are some pics..enjoy!

Mika sleeping in his Maxi-Cosi
My boy with his "guitar"
Uncle Isa (hubby's brother) in the background

at Alamanda

Sunday, July 5, 2009

there goes my baby's hair

we brought Mika to the barber to get his hair shaved, finally after months of delayed. he behaved so well, did not try to make a move at all. apart of feeling satisfied, there's a tiny part of me that miss the smell of his hair and the way it goes up when it's dry. i called him my lil "rambutan". but now no Mika :)

boleh je duduk diam..amazing!
time ni dia macam senyum..
uncle tengah remove hair from his face
and nah..the outcome :)