Friday, June 26, 2009


turned out this online shop is not so efficient with their delivery service. we were told that we could have the item by Wednesday and latest by Thursday (ni kes penjual yang mahu duit dan cakap dengan confident). we were like.."Okay..we will wait then" it was not a problem for us as hubby's off days felt on these 2 days. come Wednesday, no news from them and the shop said, it will be delivered on Thursday pulak as the other item we paid for is out of stock. Again on Thursday, hubby waited till 10AM and when he called the shop, the reply he got was, "The item will be delivered in the afternoon"

So hubby went out to settle something but just before 12, hubby was back at home. Even the shop called around 11 asking hubby if anyone at home around 1-2PM. Okay so we thought, the item will be arriving around that time tapi dah memang ada dekat rumah la..tak keluar gi mana tunggu item tuh but still till 3PM no news, no phone call. By that time I was really angry and the explantion given by the shop macam ntah they all tak tahu status courier tuh sume. they even ignored hubby phone call bile dah banyak kali call tuh! then tak puas hati, hubby called the courier service himself and was told that the courier came by at 9.50AM but there is no one at home. Hello..tipu laa tuh okay! hubby was online and if yer pon takde orang kat rumah, call laaaaaa!!! ni no phone call nothing..door bell tuh bukannye takde pon..tipu sangat! pastu last² courier tuh cakap tak boleh nak send today sebab they all round area tuh only in the morning. Hoi! orang bayar courier tak kisah la pukul berapa nak hantar pon..takkan kena ikut waktu dia! #$%^&*!@#%!!

me sangat pissed off complain lar kat shop ni..we paid full amount tau and bukan least show la some courtesy by saying sorry ke ape tak..terus nak backing orang courier dia..cakap they all datang pagi pastu no one at home pastu siap bagi ceramah cakap all customers should know that at least someone must be at home to pick up the item bla bla..orang tahu laa weeiii..not first time purchase item online plus ni bukan purchase online siap pegi kedai dia okay kat Setia Alam yang jauh gile tuh..but dia boleh defend courier service dia yang ntah pape tuh..blah laa..i thought CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT?! hey..if like this la you do business, memang confirm tak leh survive lama..customer service sux! courier service pon lagi lar teruk..sangat bodsssss okaayyy!! benci gile..semalam siap dah emo² kat petang semlm hubby called cakap tukar address, send kat my parent's place..guess what? masih tak nampak bayangan item tuh sampai sekarang..gile btol la dey all ni buat the shop owner, tolong la improve customer service anda..jangan la berlagak bagus..duit dah bayar so takkan tak boleh nak be responsible? if attitude macam ni sure u're not gonna be long in this business


haNNa said...

penuh emosi nih..beli ape ni eija?? mintak la balik duit..cancel barang tu(kalau aku la).mind telling kedai ape?

raF|za said...

beli car seat..huhuh..dah pegi kedai tgk then aku request baru sbb tak nak yg kat kedai tuh..finally dpt on saturday. turned out courier service tuh teruk la..KTM courier. pastu owner kedai tuh still nak backing dey all tak bersalah..geram! kedai tuh..ada aku letak link dlm previous entry..yang kat setia alam tuh :P